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Cooking Tips #11


The first and foremost ingredients in seasoning your food is salt and pepper. Why? Using salt and pepper first brings out the flavor in any dish. If you don’t use salt and pepper, give it a try once and taste the difference.

2 thoughts on “Cooking Tips #11”

  1. I never used salt. My mom didn’t use it. I’m still sensitive to too much of it, but I have to agree. Even in sweet dishes, salt is necessary. Pepper on the other hand…use with care when making cookies or cake. ; ) However, a little savory can spice up a sweet dish, you just have to know what you’re doing.

    LOL. Love you, chica.


    1. Um yeah, I assume everyone knows better than to use pepper in cookies or cake. LOL I was thinking along the lines of chicken when I wrote this because I was watching Restaurant: Impossible. =D Gotta have my Robert Irvine time. *sigh*


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