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Prince…Charming? – Online Dating – Week 5

Today, we’re veering off track a little so I can make a complete dork of myself in the following video. It’s about 8.5 minutes long, but hey, I’m conducting an experiment here, people! Besides, you get to laugh at me . . . a lot. That should help, right? Okay, maybe not. Watch it anyway.


And this is what I do when left to my own devices in the late hours…

7 thoughts on “Prince…Charming? – Online Dating – Week 5”

  1. I’d have been shaking and stirring and tossing it in the garbage after about two minutes. Because, um, two minutes is about my boring frog limit.

    Does it bother anyone that the prince is smaller than the frog? (Must have been cold water, huh?)

    Dr. Frankenstein had an easier time making his own man.

    You are so dedicated! (I love being able to kibbitz in while I watch.)

    Back to the online dating project? How about an Italian frog?

    Fun to see you in action!


    1. Believe me, Texanne, I wanted to after about 5 minutes, but then I’d be without a video. LOL And NO on the Italian frog. I’m Italian. I don’t date Italian men. They’re too much like my father. =)

      Thanks for watching and laughing at me!


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