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Move On, Move Forward

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, good and bad things, stupid things, things that annoy me, and I’ve had several posts running through my mind about each of those things. Then, the other day, I pretty much realized something that negates it all. I’d like to share that with you today, and then we’ll be moving on and moving forward.


I was going to write up a post about my ex-fiancé “unfriending” me on Facebook (from both of my accounts, which makes it not a coincidence), using the ‘calling him out on his shit’ method I’m not too bad at doing. Ask my disowned/disinherited family. They know quite well how good I am at that shit. In fact, I did write up the post about two weeks ago. It’s still in draft status, and it’s going to stay in draft status…

However, I’d like to dedicate this song to him… Another Hole in the Head

And we all know how I relate to music. So does he.

I wrote the post partly so I could use this in all it’s awesomeness…

And by all means, listen to me when I say….

Ever write a post based around a picture? Yeah, I know, right? BUT, I realized the other day that after all I’ve been through with him these last few years, with him walking away when life took a header into the toilet … I just don’t give a shit anymore.

Moving on. Moving forward.


I could write about the gossip that has me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off and giving Karma a serious high-five. No, really. We often don’t get to witness Karma in action. I often say that Karma is a bigger bitch than I choose to be. But as my uncle says, Karma may be a bitch, but she’s my bitch. Yeah, I think we’ll go with that one for this and listen to Remedy by Seether because those lyrics ROCK. But I’m not going to write anything else about this regardless of how amused I am, frankly, because I really just don’t give a shit anymore.

Moving on. Moving forward.


I could also write about so-called book reviewers who anonymously give low ratings to books they have or haven’t read just because they got into an argument with the author about another author’s book. I’m really hoping that’s not that case here because I think that’s pretty much the most chicken-shit and juvenile thing a person can do, along with claiming they were bullied by me when they weren’t. I’m not a bully. I’ve known several, however, and disowned or un-friended them. I don’t care for confrontation unless you force me into it. Plain and simple.

I don’t care if people don’t like my book(s), or even if they don’t give it any rating at all. Their opinion, much like the rest of the entire publishing industry, is merely subjective and I’ve had people much higher in publishing shred me and I took that with a grain of salt. But to attack another author over the argument that ensued on my book is just infantile and shows their age, much like the review did. So yeah, I actually do give a shit about this one, but after this point, I’m not going to give a shit anymore and let idiots like that bury themselves.

Moving on. Moving forward.


I would write about a great number of things, from jealousy to infidelity to betrayal to lying to manipulation to honesty to narcissism to burning at the stake to sacrificing a friendship to truth to whatever the fuck topic you can think of, but I believe there is truth in (mostly) silence (as my cousin has just discovered), that answering the moronic masses only creates more drama than I plan on dealing with, and…well, honestly, because I frankly just don’t give a shit anymore.

Moving on. Moving forward.


What I will write about is how empowered I feel lately, even through the extreme fatigue. How thinking about certain people doesn’t bring me pain anymore, and the only pain I have left to fight is the pinched nerve, but I can find the strength to get past that kind of pain. I’ve lived through much worse. How, regardless of my misanthropy, I still have hope for at least some of humanity because y’all surprise me every damn day. How I’ve inherited my mother’s sense of humor, but don’t ask me how, being the pessimist I am. How I’m no longer Walking Wounded and can smile with my head held high. And how I’ve chosen to live the next 37 years of my life (yes, I know how long I have left) on this earth just not giving a shit about what any of you decide to do to me, say to me or about me, or how you’re going to try to make me look to the rest of the world. Go ahead, cry wolf!

I’ll leave you with The Cave, a very empowering song. Go on, give it a listen.

Moving on. Moving forward.

But watch out for the kids wearing the Pumped Up Kicks.

Angel’s Wings gonna carry me away.


4 thoughts on “Move On, Move Forward”

  1. I can’t listen to the songs, because I don’t want to disturb my mother, who is finally asleep. Sleep doesn’t come easy when you’re 84.

    As I’ve been around the blogoverse lately, I’ve seen a lot of people pissed off, and some of them making huge changes–for instance, Holly Lisle has decided to stop teaching in order to concentrate on her writing. Bob Mayer was so pissed off the other day that his post was incoherent and plumb over the top.

    Whatever’s going on (I know what’s going on with me), I’ll be happy when it settles down. I do NOT have a good feeling about it all. Like Arab Spring that was supposed to make everything peachy keen over there, but has resulted in the widespread murders and rapes of Christians, not every tumult and overturn is a good thing. (Although I’m glad you’re moving on from that guy who had just dumped you when I first “met” you–what a jerk!)

    Stay on the baseline with your knees bent, and you should be able to handle anything that comes at you. :)TX

    PS: I gave your book a positive review, but only because it was deserving. Sometimes my friends write bad books, and then I just don’t write reviews.


  2. Yeah, the low rating on OP pissed me off. Retaliatory and immature, but not totally unexpected. Whatever. She’s only hurting herself; arrogance is a great inflater on self-image, but rarely a mirror of truth. God help her when she has to face that truth.

    So yeah – like Gus said in SJQ: Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on. 😉


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