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Online Dating – Week 4

Today, we’re going to take a look at my “About Me” section on the dating site, and you guys get to critique it! That’s right, since most of you are writers, I’m recruiting you to tell me what in the hell is wrong with my “bio” … or not.

About Me:

I’m getting the feeling that the zombie stuff may be scaring some of you. LOL Guys, it’s all in fun and it’s business for me. I’m a vendor, selling gear that I design. I can’t say any more than that or they won’t approve this profile. =)

I am a shy gal, until I get to know someone, so for me to 1) even join this site, and 2) contact any of you first, is a huge step. Making the first move is not something I’m used to or comfortable with. So, let me tell you about myself…

I am a nocturnal geek. When you’re named after an original Star Trek cast member, you’re kind of stuck with the geek aspect, and yes, I love sci-fi. I really enjoy all kinds of movies with psychological thrillers being my favorite, and I do play video games along the lines of Tomb Raider and Dragon Age. I’m kind of tech savvy, but also love muscle cars, motorcycles, and tattoos (I have seven…tattoos). I’m working on finishing my B.A. in English with only a few classes left. I’ve decided to not allow Life to interrupt that goal anymore.

I like to laugh every day and love those who make me laugh. I’m quite grateful for and am very loyal to my friends, whom I’ve known for 20 or more years, and whose idea of fun is to debate scientific topics, politics, and religion, or whatever subject comes to mind, as well as play video games and attend events like Comic Cons (no, I don’t dress in costume), vampire balls, and zombie proms. If you think you can hang with that, drop me an email. =)

I like helping people when I can and always encourage others to follow their dreams. I used to work with special needs kids and at-risk teens, and I fostered a teen girl for two years, though I have no children of my own, unless you count my dog. =) I try to surround myself with positive people and will absolutely walk away from drama and manipulation.

I once drove to the Grand Canyon just because I’d never been there, spent 30 minutes taking pictures, and drove back home. Sometimes the drive itself is the best part. I also drove to Albuquerque just for a NIN concert once and got home by sunrise, and five weeks later drove to Irvine, CA to see another.

I’m most passionate about my writing, as I cannot seem to breathe without performing the act. My dreams and aspirations are very important to me, and I would appreciate a man who’s supportive of those, as I would be supportive of his dreams and aspirations, whatever they may be. I firmly believe that you should be happy in the work you do, and if you’re not happy, you should find something else to do. I’m an avid reader and like different types of books, from paranormal romance to anthropology textbooks and Shakespeare. If you’re a reader, that’s a plus.

The simplest thing can bring a smile to my face, whether it be an act of kindness, the smile on a child’s face, or an unforgettable view. I appreciate a beautiful Arizona sunset because of the artist in me. Family is very important to me and I care for my mother and check in on my aunt regularly.

Life is short. I just take it one day at a time. There’s not really an outline to live life by. I’m an honest person looking for the same. I’m not looking for Prince Charming, or for you to “complete” me. I write fictional romance and know those two things don’t have a place in reality. What I am looking for is someone who’s tall (since I’m an Amazon), real, and down to earth. If you treat me like a queen, I’ll treat you like a king. It’s as simple as that – mutual respect. I’m looking for someone who shares the same interests (education, music, lifestyle, etc.) and enjoys the hell out of life, and someone who loves to laugh and can laugh at themselves, because really, sometimes when things go wrong, all you can do is laugh. =D

First, I’d like to state that I really REALLY loathe writing shit like this up about myself. Second, HELP! Third, I have a feeling Match.com is going to owe me money…or another 6 months for free. LOL

So….too wordy? Sounds arrogant (which I am so not)? Too picky? What? What the fuck is it? At least I’m not talking about my ex like half the people on this goddamn site!

4 thoughts on “Online Dating – Week 4”

  1. There is nothing wrong with the comment in this file , i think it is normal just telling us the way it is and if we don”t like it ( tuff shit move on )
    Dennis W


  2. I like it. It is straight forward and honest. If some guy reads that and is intimidated by it, do you really want to date him? You’re an awesome woman and deserve someone as awesome as you.


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