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Singled Out – Online Dating – Week 3

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I’m seriously beginning to doubt Match.com’s matching capabilities. Just because two people both have dogs doesn’t make them a match. Even better? Just because a guy shares the same birth month with me, it most certainly does not make us a match. Why? Two Gemini together are great as friends, but as lovers? Oh hell no! Not going to happen. And in the minute possibility we’re talking about a Cancer, depending on when in the month he was born, that’s even worse than the Gemini/Gemini match. My friend G is a Cancer and one month younger than me. While I love the man to death and enjoy his wit, I would NEVER date him. My perfect match along the Zodiac lines are Libra or Aquarius, neither of which I have ever dated. Go figure.

I think their whole matching system is computerized, because the one thing that really annoys me is that the site keeps trying to match me with guys who clearly state on their profile that they don’t want someone who smokes. *points to profile* Um, mine says I smoke, Match.com. WTF?

I have almost 800 views on my profile now. *rolls eyes* I’ve revamped my “About Me” section a few times too. I think the zombie stuff is scaring them. *snorts* One guy who’s favorited me, yet not talked to me (???), says on his profile that scary movies aren’t for him. Um, why in God’s name did you mark me as a favorite after reading my profile where I clearly state that I love horror movies? That just doesn’t make sense to me at all. I want someone who will enjoy the horror with me…and who will laugh with me at it when the clichés come in abundance.

A lot of these guys are so jaded and you can see it in their profiles. For instance, one will say “I’m not here to compete with your ex-boyfriend so just keep on going.” Really? Not an issue. Moving right along here because I don’t want your baggage, sweetheart. One I read when I first joined was in ALL CAPS, hurt my eyes to read, and man, that guy just needs to be alone and chill for at least a year, although I’d like to slap the shit out of the bitch who hurt him so badly. Sometimes, I really hate my own gender.


Let’s try the Reverse Match thingie and see what happens before I come to the realization that this may have been a total waste of my money!

5 thoughts on “Singled Out – Online Dating – Week 3”

  1. I tried computer dating when I was in college. The best that can be said for it–it was amusing. You’ve got more dedication than I did–I pulled the plug after the psychology major who couldn’t figure out how to operate a pay phone. The Bahamian taxi driver was fun, except for the part about eating the live grasshoppers.

    Watch out for yourself, Jinxie.


    1. *falls over laughing* So glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee while reading this! I’m being careful. =)

      *walks away still laughing* ….psychology major who couldn’t operate a pay phone. HA! That’s classic.


  2. Maybe you’d be surprised. I mean it’s possible that someone who isn’t the kind of guy you usually date, is the one that’s a perfect match for you. I mean you love me and I don’t do horror films either. : P

    My husband, on the other hand, loves Ghost Hunters, etc. I watched it with him a few times. Stopped when I couldn’t’ work cuz I kept getting up to check on noises. Nope. My brain+horror=not a good idea.

    And no, I’m not encouraging you just because I love reading these posts. ; ) Step out the box. : ) But I echo Texanne. BE CAREFUL.


    1. Have you SEEN my ex-fiance or any ex prior to that??? LOL I step out of the box with every single one of them. trust me. I have no issues with the whole opposites thing, but Libra/Virgo is a totally different combination than Gemini/Cancer. Seriously.

      And a woman being afraid of horror movies is different than a man being afraid to watch horror movies. C’mon! LOL

      Don’t worry, these posts shall definitely continue. I’m having too much fun writing them. Of course, I have a feeling the smart ones who know how to Google search have found my blog and that’s why I’m not getting much response. Oops! Don’t worry, gentlemen! I’ll never give away your identity.


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