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Dating Site Tip #3

Gentlemen, learn how to spell, please. For someone like me, if you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” I’m less likely to be interested because it shows either a lack of education or that you’re a lazy writer. I amwriter and editor, after all.


UPDATE: a woman who has an education will very rarely date a man who doesn’t, and vice versa.  People have to connect on an intellectual level too, and if you can’t keep up with me on that level, I’m likely to leave you in the dust. I’m not being an uppity bitch, it’s just the way it works for me and intellectual conversation is a turn-on. Now, I know you guys understand that.

2 thoughts on “Dating Site Tip #3”

  1. Jinxie, I don’t think that’s fair. After all, don’t we date engineers even though we know nothing about building bridges or aircraft engines? Don’t we date Navy Seals even though our SCUBA and sniper skills are sub-par?

    Look through the surface stuff, jinxie. Grammar does not a good man make–all it really does is allow you to show him off when you hang out with your uppity friends. What’s an uppity friend? Anyone who can’t see through the surface stuff.

    Grammar is a nice add-on, but it’s not even close to the parts that matter. What matters? For one thing, he won’t ditch you when you hit a rough patch in your life, and he won’t look down his nose at you when he finds out you can’t finish in the top 10% of the Hotter than Hell marathon, even though his last girlfriend did.

    Go for the gold, Jinxie, and the gold is not always right out in the open. Look deeper.


    1. Sweetie, I’ve dated engineers. I’m fine with that because there is an education there. I can deal with a small amount of grammatical and spelling errors. I’m talking about a severe lack of education, like they have no college education at all. Been there, done that. I want a man with goals now, thank you. If you don’t know how to spell “doubt,” we have an issue.

      You’re assuming I’m just looking at the aesthetics when it comes to these men simply because of these little tips. I’m not. These tips are meant to be humorous. And my friends may be intelligent, but they are not uppity by any means. They look out for me and can see things I can’t see when I bring a guy around. This is NOT Dallas Most Eligible, believe me.

      And FYI, I’ve had the guy you speak of and the son of a bitch walked out on me when the roughest patch of my life hit. Yeah, lost everything, including my house. So that’s total bullshit.

      I am looking deeper. Trust me. But you have to wade through all the surface shit first when you’re on a dating website.


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