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Online Dating – Week 2

So…I’m kidding.

Well, not much happening in week two other than I’ve had no contact with Bachelors #1 and #2, but have had a few phone conversations with Bachelor #3 (aka Nocturnal One) after having drinks and wonderful conversation with him last Friday (the 16th). I met him at 9pm at Barnes & Noble (my favorite store!) and we were so involved in conversation at Cadillac Ranch that it was almost 1am before we realized. I said last week that he has a sense of humor and it’s a very dry one at that, which works for me. I also think I’m his good luck charm because ever since we started talking, he’s been getting a ton of jobs lined up (he’s a photographer and director). He is a bit shorter than me and I’m trying real hard to overlook that. Hell, I’m just enjoying talking to him when he calls to check in once in a while around midnight before he makes his kids lunch for school.

There was a Bachelor #4, but I haven’t emailed with him in about 11 days, which is fine with me because he was too young. I’m so done with the younger men. I need someone closer to my age now.

What I want to know, however, is why are these guys winking at me on the site and marking me as their favorite, and yet, they haven’t emailed me to talk to me? Confusing. I think I may need to become more aggressive, as Patti from Millionaire Matchmaker would say, if I want some sort of contact with some of these men. As some of you know, I’m so far from aggressive in that area of my life.

Guess it’s time for another big change. =)