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Pay It Forward

There’s a very nice woman in my apartment complex who has become a good friend for Umi. They sit outside at night and chat, check in on each other when I’m not around…and when I am, and text each other almost every day even though they live roughly 200 feet from one another. Yes, it’s hysterical.

Kat is disabled and living on a limited income. She doesn’t own a car and drives her scooter all around Tempe, when it’s not blistering hot outside. Yesterday, she went to get her money order for rent and then stopped at the dollar store. When she got home, she couldn’t find her money order, so now she’s all freaked out and wondering how she’s going to pay her rent. You see, she only has about $75 to last her the rest of the month. Umi told me all about this last night when I got home around midnight from working over at my aunt’s house. She didn’t even have to ask me the question. Halfway through the story, I’d already decided to help out. She cried tonight when we told her about it. Said she’d pay us back. I told her she could either pay it back when she can as long as it doesn’t strap her…or she can pay it forward.

So, for all of you who helped me over the couple of years when I needed it most, I’m happy to be in a position to help once again and I’m paying it forward. If you’d like to help her too, just let me know. But I got this.

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