Jinxie's World

28 Days

No, I’m not talking about the Sandra Bullock movie, nor am I speaking of 28 Days Later, which everyone thought was a sequel to the Sandra Bullock movie. Boy, did they ever get a surprise! Come to think of it, it very well could have been a sequel….but that’s not my point.

I’m doing a 28-day challenge to quit drinking soda. *gasps* I know, right? Jinxie without her Pepsi could be a potential disaster that might cause a paradox or apocalypse, or something of the sort. The only thing even remotely worse would be Jinxie quitting smoking. Lucky for y’all, that won’t be happening anytime soon. 🙂

So you can breathe now. *waves smoke away from you* Don’t worry, at least I’m a polite smoker and don’t blow the shit in your face. Hey, did you know that in Brazil when someone does that, it means they like you? True story. Anyway…

Today began the first day of my 28-day challenge to quit drinking soda, which means I’m drinking diet wild cherry Pepsi today instead of a regular Pepsi. This is going to be very difficult because I LOVE regular Pepsi. Coke, not so much. I got this challenge from Dr. Oz’s website after watching his show on the matter, and I figured what the hell. I’ve only got fat to lose by doing this because when I return from Chicago, I’ll be joining a yoga class. I’ve only had two diet wild cherry Pepsi’s today so far, and I’m quite impressed with myself for not stopping at the convenient (synonym for BAD FOR YOU) store on the way over to my aunt’s house. I’ve also been devouring pretzels while here. Hmm… Hey, at least it’s not animal cracker cookies, or whatever those are called. CIRCUS animals! That’s it! I’m also thankful that my aunt’s roommate made those brownies sitting on the counter with nuts.

Of course, the second step in Dr. Oz’s challenge is to remove the caffeine aspect from the soda. Um, sorry Dr. Oz, I can’t function without caffeine, but I’ll promise you this: I’ll only drink caffeinated coffee. That work? Okay, moving on…

This challenge is going to be very difficult to uphold while I’m in Chicago next week, so listen up ZSC crew and minions…if you’re at the Wizard World con and you see me with a regular soda, would you be so kind as to remind me of my 28-day challenge? Thanks so much. I’d appreciate it. 🙂

Now, I have one paper to write, one to outline, four books to format for print, and a vampire book to start editing, so if you’ll excuse me…