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Let’s Keep it Real

Last week, I received a belated birthday card in the mail from my friend Deni and her boyfriend J. It’s such an awesome card, that I feel the need to share its message with you. The words on this card truly express my friendship with Deni over the last ten or so years, and if she wasn’t a true friend who always talks to me straight, then I’d worry for the state of humanity.

So here’s what the card said:

You are my “help put things in perspective” friend…

My “you understand because you’ve been there” friend…

My “help–it’s one of those days” friend!

There’s a lightness of heart that comes from just telling you about my day and listening to yours.

Whether we solve the problems of the world or not, just because I’ve got a friend like you to laugh with, everything feels like it’s going to be OK.

So Happy Birthday to my “just don’t know what I’d ever do without you” very good friend.

And Deni added her own–You are my “help me make fun of this shit before it kills me” friend.

Yep, you betcha, Deni. I got your back, girl, and always know you’ve got mine.

You can’t get any more real than that, folks.