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What is Your Passion?

Today, I welcome a good friend, fellow writer and author, and just an awesome gal all around, Missy Jane, and she is going to discuss her passion(s). Makes sense, right? Romance author = passion. I mean, hell, look at that HOT cover below!


Take it away, Missy!

It’s a given that writers are also readers. It’s also not surprising to discover they have other artistic talents that allow their creative minds free reign. What is my passion besides the written word? Photography. I first picked up a 35mm SLR camera as a teenager and have loved them ever since. I love seeing the world through a camera’s lens and capturing it to enjoy later. I like catching random moments in time to ponder when the mood takes me. It’s kind of ridiculous how many albums, boxes and containers of negatives I own, but each one is a precious memory.

Writing is also a way I capture moments in time, just not my own. I create worlds different from my reality and characters that exhibit traits outside my norm. Sometimes the fantasy takes off into unbelievable realms and sometimes it’s grounded in reality. Either way it’s an outlet I enjoy that keeps me sane. It’s also a way I can discover new things and experiment without fear.

In my most recent release, Erotic Images, I decided to combine my passions. The hero is a photographer named Wes, and Lynn is his model. I had a lot of fun with these characters because of my experience with photography. I felt closer to Wes because of our shared interest. I’ll never be the type of photographer he is, but through him I rediscovered the joy of capturing that one great shot.

What is your passion? Comment below for a chance to win a prize pack and entry into my Birthday Blog Tour contest. Also, Jinxie is guesting at my blog today. Visit her there and comment for a chance to win her new release, Nemesis! Good luck!

-Missy Jane

*Make reading a guilty pleasure…*


Desperate times call for desperate measures and Lynn Graves has already gone down to the basics. When an ad for a modeling job is brought to her attention, she simply can’t refuse the quick money being offered. But once she meets the sexy photographer, it doesn’t seem so simple anymore.

Weston Myers is in a bind. Short on time, he’s looking for the perfect body since the face won’t matter. Now that he’s met Lynn, no one else will do, but breaking down her inhibitions will take patience. And when she gets under his skin, he’s desperate to have her luscious body under him… But he doesn’t have long to ready his artistic photo exhibit and convince Lynn she belongs in his bed. Hopefully in the end she won’t be afraid of a few erotic images.



12 thoughts on “What is Your Passion?”

  1. My great passion is reading. I use to love drawing, writing poetry and reading while I was growing up. After settling down and having kids, down the road I honestly felt like I lost pieces of myself along the way. Deciding I needed to find myself I tried to start drawing again though it didn’t hold my interest like it use to. I tried to pick up poetry, but I didn’t have that teenage angst that flowed so nicely in my other poems. I wrote about broken hearts and lost loves and it was beautiful, but I was settled and happy and didn’t feel like writing about poopy diapers. Next, I decided to take a trip to the book store and see where that left me. Picking up reading again was huge for me and it was what I needed. I fell in love with the stories and characters and how the stories could take me out of the stress and chaos that is life and plant me in a different world. It was calming and it’s become my passion and what I like to do in my free time


  2. Awesome reply, Jolene! I think finding an audience for poopy diaper poems would be kind of hard, even if there are a lot of us that can relate, lol 😉


  3. Thanks for chiming in Robin! Pet rescue is a very noble and needed passion. You’re awesome 🙂

    Keep the comments coming! My next blog tour stop isn’t until Tuesday, so I’m not drawing a winner here until Monday evening.
    Good luck! 🙂


  4. My passions are reading and writing. Reading takes me to worlds beyond my life. Writing lets me create my own and gives me new places to go. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck in your own passion.



  5. i have a passion for reading and for photography actually. I always liked taking pictures when i was a teenager same as reading then likfe got in the way and for years i didn’t have time for either. About 3 years ago i got back into photography bought myself a canon rebel xt a couple lenses and then about 2 years ago i got back into reading and try to keep up with both and my life. lol You can see one of my favorite pictures on the top of my blog these days.

    Lisa B

    Nice cover Missy!!!


  6. I have a passion for singing and drawing. When singing you tell a story though it’s by word of mouth rather than written words, I love telling stories even if they last for 5 minutes or 300 pages. To tell the story in both cases you need to step into the characters skin, which I love and I also love to listen to a person who has succeeded in becoming the character rather than just relying on technique.

    Music also helps me empathize with my characters. I have a list of songs and which characters or schenes they match up to. I even created a town based on a song, the town has a huge role in my plot even though it’s now in ruin.

    I draw less nowadays, but just looking at the pictures I’ve drawn makes me feel good, they’re a part of my history and remind me of special events. I recently found a drawing of a creature walking through a city full of other creatures. Beneath read Japandays 2009.
    I’d drawn it at an Manga/Anime event, after t was over I went to see my boyfriend at his job. Our relationship was really new then and it’s fun to remember that day.
    Now we’ve lived together for 1,5 years.


    1. Emilia, what a great story! I love how looking back at old photos, drawings or even writing can bring forth the memory of those times. Thanks for your comment!


  7. Ok everyone, I know this was supposed to happen yesterday (oops), but I’m finally here to choose a winner! So, without further ado, (drumroll)…
    Congratulations Robin D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re my winner 😀
    I’m about to email you now.


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