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Cooking Tips #9


This one may seem a little silly and obvious, but I find it funny and I’ll explain why. Last Saturday, while at my grandmother’s house and after taking my mother to the ER again the night before, I wanted to have some of the leftover Red Clam Sauce my uncle made a few days earlier. So, we got out a pot, he filled it with water as I heated up the sauce in the microwave, and I dumped a small handful of angel hair pasta in the pot and walked away.


Today’s tip is do not ever place uncooked pasta in a pot of cold water. Yes, I did this. My uncle informed me of it Monday evening. I laughed at myself, so by all means, laugh at me.

Do as I say, not as I do. Wait for the water to boil, THEN you can add the pasta to the pot.


4 thoughts on “Cooking Tips #9”

  1. Oh, boy. You might have been a bit distracted when you did that.

    I do love angel hair pasta, and not only because it cooks almost instantly. Provided, of course, that you throw it into boiling water. 🙂

    Get enough rest, okay?


    1. Um, yeah, a little distracted is an understatement. LOL Considering what I’ve been experiencing the past couple of weeks, AND that it was my mom in the ER, definitely distracted.

      Thankfully, angel hair pasta is very forgiving. 🙂


  2. Okay, lets all be honest – how many times have we all done something similar. The first time I cooked raw shrimp trying to impress my father I left the shells not not realizing they had to come off before battering and frying. In every closet there lurks a story to be told 🙂 hee hee!


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