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What I Need

Most of you know, especially if you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend, the kind of week and a half I’ve had. My paternal grandmother passed away on June 11th, two days before my birthday, and I spent my birthday at the mortuary and cemetery planning g-ma’s services with my uncle, as well as taking Umi, my mother, to the ER. During the course of this, I was awake for 35 hours–from 3pm June 12th to 2am June 14th. On the bright side, I can officially say that I was awake for my ENTIRE day of birth. How many of you can claim that? I thought not.

Anyway, Umi stayed in the hospital until Thursday when I brought her home. Friday morning, we held the services for g-ma and I was gone for most of the day because after the service, we had a luncheon. What? We’re Italian. We eat after any event. Friday night, while I was over at g-ma’s for a BBQ (yes, more food), Umi called and I had to take her to the ER again. She’s still at the hospital, though they’ve moved her out of ICU. Congestive heart failure or something like that. Although, her texts the other night were hilarious. My mother has a strange sense of humor, even when she’s sick and in pain. It’s no wonder where I get it from. The whole of my family, meaning both sides, has a very macabre sense of humor anyway, and I’ll explain that in another post.

In the midst of all these family emergencies, I did the final edit on my new book Nemesis. We finally got it out the door Monday and it should be available now on the Running Ink Press website.

And as I hop all over the damn place, from mortuary to cemetery to hospital to chapel to hospital to *breathe* home, a cavalcade of text messages, DMs, Facebook messages, emails, etc. have come through over the past several days, all asking the same question–What do you need?

It’s a good question, and I wish I could answer it, but the truth is, I don’t know what I need aside from my mother getting better. I’ve commanded that she’s not allowed to die for at least a year. She’d better listen to me. But she’s scared. She said so Sunday night when I visited. And considering that my maternal grandfather shot me a message Saturday night during a palm reading, I understand because I’m scared too. He said to me, through my aunt the psychic, “You’re strong enough for this, for what’s coming.”

Yeah, kinda creepy, right? Actually, I know exactly why he said that. Earlier in the day, as I sat on my computer doing some final quick touches on my book, I broke down in tears out of the blue, and said, “I can’t do this.” I know I can, that I’m strong enough to get through whatever comes my way. I mean, shit, I’ve been to hell and back several times over the years. But sometimes I have that moment of weakness, where it feels like everything’s going to fall apart. And since it wasn’t so long ago that my life actually did fall apart, it kind of ups the ante on the moments of weakness and when they hit. Truly, that moment really is a moment in time, it’s a few seconds and then I’m fine.

So, really, what I need right now is to just breathe, to make sure Moon gets attention because she doesn’t know where my mom is or why she’s gone right now, to continue doing the things I need to do over at my grandmother’s house for my aunt, and to tell you to go buy my fucking book, Nemesis. 😉

Fair enough? Thought so.

8 thoughts on “What I Need”

  1. My mom has been in and out of the hospital for the past four months, but is currently in a nursing facility doing rehab. They’ve got her doing a lot of work for an old lady, but she’s looking better.

    I do so hope your Umi can also make a comeback. They do, you know. The people we love can be very sick, and they can get better.

    Now, I’ll go buy your book. I’ve been looking forward to this because you are such a powerful voice on Twitter. Goodness to you. :)TX


  2. My wife’s dad suffered from congestive heart failure. His lungs filled up with fluid and they had him in the hospital for over a week on meds, draining the fluid. That was almost ten years ago. He’s still on the meds but he’s doing great. 🙂 I’m believing with you that your mom will be fine. AND, maybe it’s not bad stuff you have to prepare for… maybe.. just maybe.. it will be an awesome writing experience! Maybe you’re going to get.. I dunno.. RICH AND FAMOUS! Ha, ok, just tryin’ to make you smile. 🙂


    1. It might not only be bad stuff coming, but time is different here and there, so what my grandfather could be talking about is something that happens ten years down the road.

      Rich and famous might be nice. Well, the “rich” part, at least. Not sure I want to be famous, but with the way ZSC is growing, I may not have a choice. LOL

      Thanks for the smile, Corb. 🙂


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