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One More Time!

I’m moving again next weekend. Yep, you read that correctly. *sigh* Someone please shoot me already.

The cool part?

~ Newly remodeled apartment, no pet deposit, no cleaning deposit, and it’s on the ground floor.

The bad part?

~ I’m moving again.

~ There’s also the fact that it’s ALL tile floors. Have I mentioned Moon can’t walk on tile? I bought a rug for the living room a couple of weeks ago. Still need a runner for the hallway.

I also need male bodies to carry my furniture down. Okay, mainly the television because it’s so fucking huge. If I could afford to replace it, I’d just leave it and let one of the workers have it when they come to gut this apartment. *sigh* Down the road.

But right now, I’m visiting with my Unca T, who happens to be here for a month. Too bad he can’t help me move. *grins*

Once this move is over, I’m stuck for a year. Well, at least I’ll have all new appliances and everything.

ZSC and RIP should be doing well by the time I’m ready to move next year, where I’ll be looking for a house near g-ma’s.


4 thoughts on “One More Time!”

  1. Jinxie!

    I see you have lost a leg between the time you “died” and this momentous occasion. I hope this move runs smoothly. And look on the bright side, you’ll be in one place for a full year. Which will leave you enough time to track down the flamingo ornaments you so love in time for Christmas 2011 ;-P




  2. Oh moving…….fuck it. Next time I move, I’m hiring buff dudes to do it for me?! But since I’m broke, maybe I’ll just have to flirt with mediocre muscles and buy them beer?! 😉 Good luck!


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