A Slight Interruption…

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to drop a note in here to say that I’m moving from Tucson back up to Tempe on Saturday, February 5th. What this means is that there may be a bit of a break from posting anything on here because I won’t have internet for a few weeks at best. While I’ve attempted to prepare posts and schedule them for the coming weeks, I’ve not had the opportunity to do so due to copious amounts of packing and a very large editing project that’s also due this weekend.

I truly appreciate each and every one of you that enters into my little world and while I’m offline, I’ll be preparing posts for you and scheduling them when I can find a wi-fi spot.

This includes all of my blogs: Jinxie’s World; Gemini Rising; Jinxie’s Kitchen; Jinxie’s Movie Reviews; The ZSC (where I co-captain and write some posts); End of the World Times (where I write Michaela Blackhorse under a different name); Forever Nocturne; Running Ink Press (blog TBA later); and God knows what else because I’m too tired to think anymore. I know, it’s insane, all the crap I do. Welcome to my world. 🙂

Thanks for reading and all that.

Yours truly,

Jinxie G

(this will be me after the move)


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