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Moving . . . AGAIN!

It’s that time of year, folks! Time for the thundersnow to hit the entire eastern half of the country for the 2011 snowmageddon. Time for you to start preparing your taxes (okay, maybe not because most of you will wait until the last minute). Time for me to teach my old dog some new tricks. Why? Because I’m fucking moving again.

This is the third time in the last year that I’ve moved, and Oh! we’re not quite finished yet because I’m moving into a second story apartment, so come summer, I’d like to get Umi and Moon into a house before I begin traipsing the country for Zombie Survival Crew business. So yeah, we’ve got at least one more move this year and then we can settle for at least a year before leaving this godforsaken desert state. Although, I have to tell you that I’m not too keen on what I’m seeing in the areas I’d like to live right now with all that snow. Hmm . . .

This time around, I actually have helpers aside from Akhi, which should make this move go much faster. We’ll begin bright and early Saturday morning. After that, I’ll be on internet silence until I can find a cafe to sit in or go over to my grandmother’s house, and that will last until I can get internet again, which will be God knows when.

SO . . . I’ll attempt to get a moving post up by Tuesday or Wednesday to let you know how it went. If you’ve followed my blog through other moves, you should know by now that moving me can be quite entertaining. =)

Wish me luck!


1 thought on “Moving . . . AGAIN!”

  1. Sorry you’re moving again…that’s why I’m staying here. I hate moving too! (hint, hint) Come to Portland! 😉


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