Life is …

Well, let’s take a look at the bitch, shall we?

Photo credit: Jinxie G

She is a mother, educator, politician and an assassin.

She’ll knock you down, pick you up, lie to your face, but never judge you. She’ll trip you, push you over, hold you back, and offer her hand in support. She’ll comfort you, keep you warm, freeze you to death, and teach you to survive. She’ll feed you, cleanse you, drown you, and make you stronger. She’ll throw a curve ball at you, give you the means to make lemonade, and slap you in the face when you become too complacent. On a high note, she’ll give you everything you desire, but you have to work for it. On a low note, she’ll take away everything you’ve known, but give you the courage to climb the ladder again, even though she may take out a few rungs during your progress. She’ll riddle you with disease, cause you great amounts of pain, but give you the strength to endure. She’ll place obstacles in your path—some great and some small—and see what you do with them. If you pass her test, she’ll reward you until the next trial comes along. If you fail, she’ll laugh in your face and torment you until you figure it all out.

There is nothing that Life won’t do to you or throw at you. Essentially, Life truly is a bitch. If you don’t want to lie down and die for her, then stand up and kick the bitch in the teeth.

Words to live by:

Difficult: that which can be done immediately.

Impossible: that which takes a little longer.

That said, here’s a quote I thought was fitting: “You have to live a Plan A on any level. Make it a lowercase A if you have to, but live your Plan A. Anything else belittles the importance of life.” ~ Vin Diesel

6 thoughts on “Life is …”

  1. Jinxie,

    I love it. Look at you, spreading knowledge at all hours of the day. I especially like the Difficult and Impossible definitions. Give me hope.


  2. Thanks Patricia! It’s taken nearly two years to come to this realization, through a lot of trials.

    I discovered the Difficult and Impossible definitions awhile back and they’ve just stuck with me. Nothing is impossible, in my opinion. 🙂


  3. Life may be a bitch, but I am done being HER bitch, so she needs to go plague someone else for a while. A long while. I know you’re with me on this one. 😉


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