There is one thing I did get from my father, aside from his looks and apparent back issues. I’m talking about something good, something positive, at least for me. After seeing how he treated Umi for so many years, and through recent experiences of my own, such as the reason I wrote the Warning Signs post, I’ve come to realize that my father’s manipulation tactics are the very reason I will not put up with any man treating me like garbage or less than I am worthy – and I am worthy of no less than goddess. Any man who treats me as a goddess will find it reciprocated because I like taking care of my man, when I have one. Any man who attempts otherwise – Oz – will find the door hitting his ass on his way out of my damn life. There are no words that can make up for these actions. None. No apologies. Again, I point to the post to clarify because every couple will argue now and then. Every couple will likely say things they’ll regret at times. But there is no excuse for controlling, manipulative behavior and making me feel like it’s all my fault when it’s not. I know it when I hear it. I recognize it thoroughly. And I will NOT stand for it.

Are we clear on this? Good.

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