10 … Well, 11 … Lessons Learned

Recently, I’ve discovered a few things about myself. Well, recent to me means over the last six months, at least. We’re going to go Maya Angelou style with this because that’s the mood I’m in.

I’ve learned:

1. That I can actually clamp my mouth shut to protect a friend’s feelings from being hurt even more than they already were, regardless of the fact that the friend could see the actions taken and chose to ignore them anyway.

2. That you never truly know someone if you meet them online until they make feeble attempts at controlling you (because they’ve played their hand too soon), showing their true side/personality.

3. That your true friends will stick by your side and walk to the ends of the earth or into Hell with you.

4. That God actually listens sometimes and has recently restored my faith in Him because I asked for a sign, and boy did I ever get one.

5. That chunky peanut butter isn’t really as bad as I thought …. okay, I’m lying.

6. That apparently SOME people like my dog more than me. Okay, maybe only one person, but whatever. He’s a freak anyway.

7. That ideas for stories come from the oddest places and conversations. I’ve got my NaNoWriMo figured out for this year!

8. That music can be very liberating … as can bitching a mother fucker out in Facebook, to which I still have EACH and EVERY message saved along with the insane emails, if he decides to pull any stupid shit.

9. That my mother’s passive/aggressive behavior this evening annoyed me and I realized that I don’t have to put up with it, which I didn’t. *grins*

10. Mmmm …. Moscato.

Oh, and one last thing …

11. That I’m a helluva lot stronger than I realized and Ozzy was just what I needed to come to that realization. I’ll even say thank you to him, which I have in emails before he went completely psychotic.