My Life in ….

HA! Fooled ya! I’m not going to say Hell. Oh damn it, I just did. Okay, let’s start with Hell and see where it goes…

1. Last week was the week from Hell, but at least it ended on a good note.

2. The picture above was taken Saturday night at IHOP (and specifically for my Ozzy) after spending an evening out with Kitty, sweetheart Desiree Devine, and the lovely Ms Dawn P. Even though I was in a great deal of pain, I enjoyed myself, though the amount of alcohol I consumed didn’t touch my pain.

3. It sucks not being a lightweight sometimes.

4. It also sucks because it costs quite a bit to get me drunk, which is nearly impossible when I’m wracked with pain.

5. I’m cool with that, however, because I don’t like getting “drunk,” per se. I just like enjoying myself with a good buzz. It’s not like I drink a lot anyway.

6. The pinched nerve still hurts like a mother …. But it’s getting better, very slowly.

7. I’m just happy I was able to shave my legs last night. That’s quite an accomplishment when one is in my condition. Seriously, you have no idea. That’s like cause for celebration, hence the first drink of last night being a Buttery Nipple shot, followed by an Irish Car Bomb, a Guinness, a Blow Job shot, and a tall and strong vanilla rum and coke that I sucked down quite fast. Yeah, barely got a buzz off all of that.

8. On a side note (as if there aren’t already several), I’m selling a few things on eBay. Go on over and take a look.

9. At the moment, I’m having comfort issues. Trying to get in a comfortable position on this damn sofa with the pain that I’m in just so I can have this laptop on my lap and type normally is a bitch.

10. The laptop has now moved back to the table, which will cause a considerable amount of mistypes and I’ll have to backspace every other word, which I just did.

11. One of these days, I’ll give you more info on Ozzy, and I’m not talking about Ozzy Osbourne.

12. Let’s just say that he makes me a very happy Jinxie, even if he is across the pond.

13. And crazy, silly man that he is has created an account for Moon on Twitter.

14. It’s hysterical.

15. Another side note: Akhi was in a car accident last week. He’s fine, but Umi‘s car didn’t fare so well. It’s totaled, so now my mother is without a vehicle. Just lovely. There isn’t much I can do about it, though.

16. I’ve been attempting to edit NEMESIS, but the pain meds I’m on make me very drowsy, especially when I start reading. I’ve already almost nodded off several times while writing this post, which should explain to you why I haven’t been writing blog posts lately.

17. So … since I’ve been injured and on copious amounts of meds that make me sleepy and fuzzy in the brain, I’m extending my NEMESIS deadline a bit. I’ll let you know once I begin again and then I figure we’ll give it two or three weeks. Sound good? Okay.

18. I’m going to say g’night now before I pass out on my keyboard like Kitty does sometimes. =p

19. But we’ll round this list off to 20.

20. By saying that Ozzy is the reason I’ve been all giggly and giddy for the last several weeks. That’s a good thing, since those of you that know me know that’s a rare occurrence. =D