Deja Vu Anyone?

1. The pinched sciatic nerve in my left hip is, well, pinched again. And it hurts like a mother … No, really. Unless you’ve experienced a pinched nerve, you have no idea of the amount of pain I’m in right now.

2. Oh yes, we’ve been here before. Remember? The reason I lost my last job. Deja vu, I’m tellin’ ya. Hopefully this won’t continue down that same path.

3. I won’t even go into the ex regarding the whole me being injured thing because this will turn into a rant.

4. However, I have Tramadol now … because the Percocet and Diazepam weren’t really working.

5. Why the ER gave me Diazepam, I have no fucking clue. I know it’s Valium. Yes, there might be some anxiety issues there, which is making my back one giant knot, but I need a muscle relaxer! Last time they gave me flexeril. That’d be nice. Those worked.

6. Off topic … the distraction now has a nickname  – Ozzy. If you know who I’m talking about and you’ve seen his Twitter avatar, you’ll understand why.

7. Obviously, he’s an Ozzy Osbourne fan.

8. He’s also a musician. Yes, he’s taller than me. We know how important that is. Why? Because Jinxie loves her high heels. *giggles*

9. He also shares entirely too many of the same qualities as my cousin Lo-Lo’s boyfriend, including their name.

10. However, Ozzy is still a damn distraction, even while I write this blog post.

11. My ADD is working overdrive right now because I’m essentially stoned out of my mind with these meds: Tramadol, Percocet, Diazepam, and something else I can’t remember the name of.

12. I think it’s cracking Ozzy up … we’ve been on the phone throughout this blog post and my stonedness.

13. So let me tell you what sucks about the fact that he’s on the other side of the Atlantic.

14. Timezone. It’s a bitch now that I’m working. It’s going to be even more of a bitch when he starts a new job tomorrow. We’ve figured out that he’ll be at work while I’m sleeping and he’ll get off work when I start my job in the morning. This really doesn’t leave us any time to talk during the week.

15. Which means I may be a cranky bitch this week if I can’t hear his voice.

16. Oh, let’s just face it … I’m a cranky bitch anyway.

17. So it might be worse. I’d suggest a fallout shelter if you have one.

18. I’m kidding.

19. I need to go work on my Nemesis edits now. He and the kitty both have me on a deadline, which is coming up very quickly and I haven’t been alert enough to work on it the past few days.

20. Oh, and … OMG I found a guy who enjoys reading my stuff!!!!! SQUEEEE!

3 thoughts on “Deja Vu Anyone?”

  1. SHUT UP! You found a guy who likes reading your stuff?!!*falls over dead*That is so frigging awesome. Hope things get better and aren't a deja vu comppletely. What about disability? Can ya do that? And then you'd have an income, and coverage like insurance, AND be able to write full time till you're famous and making more money than god off of that. I like that plan for you. …wanders off…a guy who actually LIKES reading her stuff. Unheard of. Wonder if I can get my honey a brain transplant that would enable him to even read…that would be a start…maybe……….


  2. Awesome! Another quality he shares with Boyfriend. I'm still amazed that he makes me sit down and write and brings me coffee, and THEN asks to read it. Jackpot!I'm sorry your back is pinched again. No bueno. But hooray drugs!


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