Back to the Grind

My first day back into the world of the employed started at 4 AM. Mind you, my alarm was to go off at 6 AM because I don’t have to be at work until 8 AM. Yep, great start!

I’m working 10-hour days Monday through Friday for three weeks in an accelerated training course for one of the many call centers in Tucson. After the three-week training, I’ll still start at 8 AM, but likely won’t have the 10-hour days. After a month of that, shift change and a potential for a 10 AM start (YAY) or a 5 AM start time (BOO). It’s a rather interesting place. Casual dress code, so tomorrow it’s jeans and a t-shirt for me. I think I can even wear my flip-flops, but I’ll go with the Chucks tomorrow just in case. My fellow trainees are an entertaining bunch, and thank God for that because we sat around for about eight of those 10 and a half hours talking and waiting on our trainer. They weren’t ready with anything to train us today, and I have to wonder why they changed the schedule if this was the case.
At any rate, I’m exhausted because I didn’t sleep much (woke up at 2:30 AM too) and a long day of boring just drains the hell out of a person. In fact, I can barely think right now and certainly don’t feel like typing much more, so if anything interesting happens this week and I’m not too exhausted, I’ll write up another post.
For now, bed may just find me very soon with Jeri Smith-Ready’s new WVMP novel BRING ON THE NIGHT (it’s really good so far!). A 10-hour boring day (during daytime hours) is kind of a shock to my system after not working for almost two years. Wow, yes, it’s been that long.

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