Internet Woes

Oh woe is me … kidding.

I just wanted to jump in here for a few minutes to tell you about a new phenomenon I’ve discovered recently regarding my internet connection, aside from the ticking time bomb I’m watching, waiting for it to explode (this is the one area where I have all the patience in the world, and yes, I do realize what you’re thinking in regards to the phrase “ticking time bomb” – time bomb should be one word, huh?). Gotta love family.

Many of you know that I’ve moved in with Kitty. Many of you know that Kitty has a man in her life and I think I’ve bitched complained mentioned that they talk on the phone quite a bit. Quite recently, every time he calls the house phone, I lose my internet connection at some point. At first, I was thinking it might have something to do with his super mutant IT techie powers, but then I discovered he’s merely human. hmpf  Really, it all depends on what part of the apartment Kitty’s in when she answers the phone. For two nights in a row, she was in the living room on the sofa. She didn’t believe me at first, but after the second night where I lost connection the instant she answered, which had me laughing because it was just too ridiculous, there was mention of changing the channel on the cordless phone, and hey, what do you know, internet connection came back. It’s like magic. Super mutant IT techie magic. Hey, maybe he’s not human after all. Some would probably agree, but suggest more along the lines of reptilian territory. Oh. My. God. That makes him a super mutant ninja IT techie turtle! SCORE!

So, if you notice I’ve disappeared from Twitter, first, look at the time. If it’s during my normal nocturnal tweeting hours, you’ll know that my disappearance is due to Kitty’s crappy cordless phone that keeps interrupting my wireless signal.

hee hee hee

*Note to self: Don’t write blog posts too early and with a lack of caffeine.

NOTE to reader: Look for my uncle’s Biscotti recipe on Jinxie’s Kitchen this Friday, which I’m now calling the Biscotti Plate of Death because he put pecans in it. Brilliant! Makes you want to try some, doesn’t it? Don’t be scared.

6 thoughts on “Internet Woes”

  1. Ummm…why "Plate of Death" because of the pecans?? Wait, don't answer that; that's a question for the kitchen blog. I've got nothing else to do. What's that? What about my manuscript revisions? Would you believe they're all done? No? Crap.ANYWAY…methinks Kitty needs a job like mine, with 8,000,000 hours of telephone calls per day, and then she won't want to talk on the phone as much. Or at all. She might even get rid of the landline and have only a cell phone she never answers. Yeah.


  2. wow, that's the second person i know who's allergic to pecans. would have to take me out & shoot me–i loooooove pecans. mmmm-mmmm!kitty works in a call center…and still likes to talk on the phone. obviously repeatedly dropped on her head as a baby. like my stacking of the adverbs there? yeah. i decided to declare open season on capitalizing proper names and the "i" pronoun, as well as the first word of a sentence. it's my openly defiant protest against the attempted eradication of adverbs. adverb this, you parts-of-speech discriminators!! no, i'm not drinking–why do you ask??


  3. *falls over laughing* The man read this to me while I was at work and we were both dying laughing. Yes, I work in a call center, but I'm a manager. I have peoples to take those calls. My point to this comment is that if you would STOP being a STUBBORN, IMPATIENT ITALIAN (yes, I do realize I could have summed all that up with just the Italian, but I like ADJECTIVES) woman and WIPE YOUR DAMN COMPUTER you wouldn't have this problem.


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