My 41st Birthday

Yes, I just turned 41. I’m not ashamed of that, nor should I be. I’m not your typical woman who freaks the hell out over a damn number. It’s just a number. I know I don’t look my age, except when I’m exhausted, and that’s all in the genes, baby. *fist pump*

This year, my 41st birthday was filled with bacon and eggs and video games … Okay, so Kitty took me to see Prince of Persia. Not really a video game, but it’s based on the game I’ve played, so close enough. I’ll review it on my movie review blog once I finish the review for Legion that I haven’t started yet. Let’s just say that I really liked it. =) And yes, I know I’m behind on my reviews. Deal. I’ve been busy taking care of Kitty and looking for a job.

Kitty also took me to dinner on Friday to a nice Italian restaurant. I know, a nice Italian restaurant in Tucson? Who knew? It was very good and there was a very cute man sitting across from us. The evidence is all on Twitter because I had a couple of glasses of wine. Twitter is dangerous, aside from also being addicting, and I hope to run into the Russian Daniel Craig again sometime. I couldn’t approach. It looked like a boy’s night out with his dad and son. Approaching would just be rude. And he’s probably not Russian. Maybe Slavic, but I couldn’t pick up enough of the conversation to decipher the language they were speaking. And no, I’m not posting the blurry picture!

Moving on …

On the day of my birthday, Kitty decided she wanted to make me breakfast. We decided pancakes sounded good. Um, problem. The pancake mix was too old so they turned out incredibly flat and didn’t taste too good. Next try…French toast! Uh, yeah, problem. Because Kitty’s been ill for several weeks and hasn’t been eating much, I’ve also not eaten much and the bread was bad. Okay, next try for something to go with the maple bacon that’s making the house smell utterly divine. Scrambled eggs! With cheese! Win!

Are you hungry now? Wait, I also had a birthday Twinkie!

NOW you’re hungry!

My friend Shawna made some beautiful earrings for me too. Thanks, chica! I love them.

(the one in the middle)

What made this birthday so special was the multitude of birthday wishes I received on Twitter and Facebook. You guys and gals are made of awesomesauce and I love you to death – every one of you. Also, CJ Redwine called me to sing happy birthday because she felt that my aunt shouldn’t be the only one to sing off key to me. And she did, in her best Marilyn Monroe voice, once she finished giving me flack for the way I answered the phone. What she doesn’t know is that I was on the phone with Umi and getting that woman to stop talking because you have another call is damn near impossible. I think I hung up on her. I haven’t called back to find out. I should probably do that.

Anyway, it was a fun-filled weekend and a wonderful birthday thanks to all of you. *bows* I’m so not worthy, but thank you.

Now, go look at Karsten Knight’s vlog because that, my friends, will make you laugh.

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  1. More awards? And here I keep thinking no one reads my blog! LOLI'll have to send you some Twinkies, won't I, Ashe?Thanks Shawna, I hope it is too and will work hard to make it so.


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