Need an Opinion…

How’s this for a beginning? Be honest. Thanks.
Selena stared into the beast’s golden eyes as he crouched on the bed above her and then she quickly moved her gaze to the dismal hotel floor when he snarled. She’d seen enough horror movies and read enough books to know that you don’t look a werewolf in the eye. Nope, looking at the grey-blue worn down industrial carpet was best if she wanted to live, assuming that he had no intention of just eating her outright.
The room was too quiet, the silence only offering her breaths as she drew them in and out in slow concentration to remove her higher-than-normal level of fear. Even the werewolf sitting atop the bed made no sound. If she couldn’t see him from the corner of her left eye, she wouldn’t think he was still present. A low rumble then came and she heard the sheets shift. She swallowed and tried to keep quiet and still, regardless of the heartbeat that pounded in her eardrums. And she knew that if he crawled off the bed, she would have to go belly up—something she wasn’t real thrilled about doing.
God damn wolves, rambled through her mind. This one had hidden it well too. She’d had no clue what he was when he approached her in the bar. That’s what I get for taking a night off.


5 thoughts on “Need an Opinion…

  1. Wulfie says:

    Definitely catches your attention right away so good beginning. Never read a werewolf book before. Interesting. I'd read more just to find out about the werewolf rules and if this is a sexy thing…or dinner. lolI felt the same way when I started reading Hamilton's Anita Blake series…like wow, this is cool and new. What happens next…now I have most of her books. So see, that's a compliment.


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