The Big Blowup

I have a list of posts that I’ve been compiling for some time now, so I can blog more regularly. Here’s the next in line, and it was one of the posts I mentioned that should have been before the last post.

Some of you may know that I disowned about one-fourth of my family a little over three years ago. Some of you walked through it with me. I blogged about it immensely on my Myspace blog, which is now private access only and those particular posts have been deleted. I aired a LOT of dirty family laundry over those weeks, ousting my blood relatives with the things they’d said and done, and to this day I don’t regret doing so. They’re a mean bunch of people, manipulative, and nothing but users. Incidentally, my disowning them with what I had to say prior to the posts got them disowned from the rest of the family. The lesson they learned here? When I’m backed into a corner, I WILL come out fighting and I tend to play dirty. Mind you, it’s not often I do this. I’ll stay quiet for a very long time, until I’m personally attacked, which I was and was the cause of my defense. They underestimated me and it was their undoing. This means that they believed my darling father who thinks I’m dumb. Yeah, I’m laughing at that too.

You may wonder why I would do such a thing. The reason is simple and can be described in one word: drama.
Those who truly know me understand how much I absolutely hate drama. I have no reason to cause it, as I don’t get off on doing so like my sister-in-law does. A trait she’s passed down to her oldest daughter, who I saw a few weeks ago at a small concert. She hasn’t changed a damn bit. That amuses me for some reason, as she pointed and whispered things to her new Super Mario Bros. man about me. I think he may have even taken a picture of me. They’d better hope I don’t see it on the web somewhere. Attorneys will be called. This is the same girl who taught her toddler son to say “(Jinxie’s) a bitch,” video-taped it, and posted it online. Yes, I know, she should so get the Mother-of-the-Year award for that, don’t you think? I really have no problem being called a bitch because quite frankly, I am one, or did you not see the subtitle of this blog? Drama does nothing for me but cause my stomach to turn in knots; therefore, I can’t stand to be around it or a part of it, so it’s not something I take lightly.
This part of my family loved to cause all sorts of drama, and did so for many years. I sat and watched from the sidelines during those years, never saying a word, mainly because I don’t like confrontation. Once, I even stepped in and got my ass handed to me, so I jumped right back out because I was in the wrong. I’m perfectly capable of admitting when I’m wrong. So I’m very careful about what I say and do anymore, or how I approach situations, or not approach them. Sometimes, I mess up. Sometimes, I handle situations incorrectly. I’m only human. My family has known no drama since the disowning and things have gone back much to the way they were before that particular branch moved to Arizona several years ago.
So my family tree may be less one branch, since I hacked it off three years ago, but we’re all the happier for it. Do I miss my nieces? Maybe one or two. I do miss my brother, but the rest of them can rot in hell for all I care.
Oh look, more drama is coming my way. I think I’ll step aside now.

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  1. Part of the reason I am the way I am with that crew… I don't mind taking what little heat they send our way, Hon. Like Nita, I get off on that stuff, and messing with their minds is highly enjoyable for me. As long as I have them thinking I'm the devil incarnate, I think they will leave you alone. Especially after CPS got pulled in on Jena's little foray into videography… 🙂


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