I’m excited. *fist pump* Aren’t you?

Yes, that was sarcasm. I know it’s hard to translate that into words on a page, but I do my best.

One way or another, I’m moving this weekend. Whether or not I sell my diamond engagement ring this week (meaning tomorrow) will determine how much of my crap I’m moving this weekend. I’m hoping for the full move and let’s just get it over with already, but we won’t know much until tomorrow after I return from the jewelers. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Where am I moving to, may be the question of the day from several of you unless you’ve caught the few tweets about it.


That’s right, I’m moving the the armpit of Arizona. Fortunately, I’m moving in with my friend HC Zuerner … Palmquist … Oh hell, let’s just call her Kitty until she decides on a name. Kitty has two feral kitties, and I have a malamute who loves kitties. This should be entertaining. No worries, Moon the malamute was a surrogate mother to a feral kitty named Athena once.

There are also jobs in the armpit of Arizona. I’m not exactly certain why there are more jobs there than in the Phoenix area, but perhaps it has something to do with the new immigration law and Tucson being closer to the border. Oh, didn’t you hear? A bunch of illegals have decided they’re pissed about the law and they’re going to leave.


Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

Of course, that’s not really the reason there are more jobs in Tucson, but I’m willing to bet a lot more open up in the coming weeks.

Another writer put up this post about the new Arizona law, though I’m sure she’s not the only one to tackle this subject. She felt it might be controversial. I didn’t think so. I left a long-winded comment. I tend to do that sometimes. It’s taken me a few days to reply again. Looks like another long-winded comment. Sorry.

I go back and forth with this law. It’s the Gemini in me. This NY Times article about the law should explain a few things to you, which I also found on that blog. Now, let’s forget about the fact that I’m moving to an area with a much higher population of illegals and discuss.

Chop, chop, writing time awaits!


5 thoughts on “Moving…Again”

  1. Good luck on your move! I wish you the best. I heard there was going to be a rally against the new immigration law. Maybe that would be a good time to round up the illegals? While they are protesting? Just a suggestion. A line had to be drawn. A starting point if you will. I have no problem with people coming here as most of us, somewhere down the line, are from other countries, but for crying out loud, do the right thing and become a citizen, no matter how long it might take.


  2. Yes Tom, you're correct. A rally is taking place. Can't recall if it was tonight or tomorrow, but yes, it would be a good time to round them up. LOL


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