Human Nature

It’s been a while since I’ve studied anthropology, but if I remember correctly, human beings tend to flock to one another for companionship and whatnot, with exception to the occasional hermit writer. It’s the reason we have societies. The reason for this post? I noticed something today.
The human species has become rather solitary these days as a result of technology. We do everything we can to distance ourselves from contact with one another, with exception to the virtual world (*ahem* Twitter, among others). We sit safely behind our screens and type, type, type away our thoughts, desires, hatred, and whatever else floats our boat. Personally, I don’t do hatred very well, unless you’re related to me, so most of you are safe. Kidding. I don’t hate. Hatred takes a lot of wasted energy. I have more important things in life to deal with aside from hating you or having you hate me. Besides, I have Lupus, which means I go furry once a month. Do you really want to fuck with me? I didn’t think so (retracts claws).
Moving forward …
I made a bank run today. No, I wasn’t robbing the bank as my partner in crime Sharon Gerlach and I have joked about on Twitter. I made a deposit rather than a withdrawal. What I noticed when I came around the corner was four cars lined up to use the ATM. Normally, this wouldn’t seem odd, except that NO ONE was in line to use an actual teller. All three teller lanes were open. Now, I ask you good people of the blogosphere, to imagine just how hurt those tellers must feel when you choose to use the ATM instead. Imagine that soon, their jobs could be gone because no one wants to talk to them. How rude!
Of course I drove up to the teller line. I was in a hurry, sort of. I’ll admit that I prefer to use the ATM over the teller for two main reasons: I hate filling out those little slips and the ATM is usually faster. Guess what? You don’t need those little slips anymore! I just put my money, my bankcard, and my ID (just in case) in the canister and sent that cylindrical baby on up the vacuum pipe. The teller said hello and took care of my transaction quickly, and then I was off across the rez in search of smokes. Holy crap, do I have to drive far now!
*sigh* Life in the ‘Copa.
In opposition to this, I’ve noticed (because I am completely guilty of it myself) that we tend to get upset when we have to listen to an automatic operator on the phone. Don’t those things drive you nuts? Especially when they don’t direct you where you need to go. Hint: pressing “0” will usually connect you with an operator/representative. But yes, when you actually WANT to talk to a human, you can never reach one. Me, I prefer doing everything online, and I get upset when I CAN’T do some things online. But that’s just me.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and say hi to your local bank teller. They have feelings too, you know. =)

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