Synopsis Workshop!

Are you as bad at writing synopses as I am? Well then, I have the solution you’ve been waiting for! CJ Redwine is starting her How to Write a Killer Synopsis Workshop this month, along with beginning her next query workshop, which is just awesome.

I’ll be signing up for the synopsis workshop. You should join me, and make sure you give my name in the comments section upon registering. That way, I get a free critique. And you can get one too when you refer someone. I’ve had a critique from CJ before and they rock. She really knows her stuff, people!

So what are you waiting for? Get’ movin’ on that!


2 thoughts on “Synopsis Workshop!

  1. You're going to hate me for this, but you've been tagged for the Sunshine and Creative Writer awards. Why? Because someone did it to me, and I hate suffering alone., I hope things are getting better for you. I don't always know what's going on with your situation because you're always on Twitter after I've passed out (unless the insomnia hits), but I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for the best.


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