So…the latest report on my situation. Don’t worry, I’m adhering to the no depressing posts and am in much better spirits these days.

My house went up for auction on Wednesday. There was the possibility of renting it, but Treehouse Group Realty (the fuckers), wanted $1500/month. Um, hello? That was my mortgage payment. If I could afford that amount, I wouldn’t have lost the damn house. Not to mention the fact that the amount is too high for the neighborhood. These idiots haven’t even seen the house yet. It was bid on sight unseen and the house was built in 1959. The buyer wants to flip the house. In this market? I’d love to know how much he paid for it because then I could tell how long it’ll take for him to do so. This tells me that he never intended to rent it to us…so why even bother bringing it up to us?

*shakes head, takes deep breath* Whatever.

I’m currently waiting to be served the papers that’ll tell me I have 5 days to get out of my house, which I suppose is no longer my house, and that’s fine. I have a place to go now and rented a storage unit today. We’ll be moving to Maricopa, which is about 35-45 minutes from my house. Not ideal for job-hunting in the Tempe/Mesa area, but whatever. At least it’s not a shelter.

Which reminds me, I have a ton of food to donate to shelters, as well as other items.

I’m really not upset about this. If anything, I’m relieved and all the crap that’s been looming in the cloud over my head has now gone and I can breathe again. The house is gone. Good. It breaks that connection with the ex and gives me some closure on that entire situation that’s been dragging me down for the past year.
And on that note, I begin my life once again.
We’re good, people.

4 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. A new beginning!!!I wish you one that has all the things you want and need!.I'm sorry about losing your house. Sometimes it's hard to find the positive in a situation that makes you sad, but maybe this is what you needed.


  2. It is good to see life turning around for you this year, albeit slowly at first. Great things can take time, but I know you're in good hands and will see this as your year to accomplish those great things!


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