Twitter Sucks…

…when it comes to spelling and grammar.

1. I’ve learned over the last year and a half that one’s thought processes can change when exposed to bad spelling and grammar. For instance, I now confuse the term your/you’re when tweeting; something I’ve never done before. WTF? Stop it, people, you’re messing me up.

2. The delete option is quite useful when one updates without proofreading their tweets.

3. Yes, I proofread my tweets, much like everything else I write.

4. I’ll even proofread this blog before I post it.

5. In fact, before posting this, the title said “Twitter Suck…”

6. The Retweet feature is driving me nuts: “Here I am” … “Oh, now I’m gone”

7. Although, I really do like the retweet feature. I hate copying and pasting all the time.

8. I have not yet confused its/it’s, so I guess I’m ahead.

9. As long as I don’t write like that in my MS, I’m good to go.

10. Check this out:

11. This was a much better idea at 4AM when I thought of it. Wait, that may have been 5AM. Who the hell knows.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Sucks…”

  1. I've been getting your/you're mixed up to. I have to use the damn thing in a sentence before writing it. STOP IT AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (that would have been you're if it was a contraction)!!!!


  2. Great post! But, it's not just Twitter that messes people up! When I taught a college Intro to English Basics class a few years ago I had one student write an entire paper in Internet shorthand! Ugh! I of course gave it a big fat ZERO! I also showed the paper to my three sons and told them if I ever caught them using Internet shorthand on the Internet or in text messages I would break their fingers! LOL! We will soon find an entire generation that does not know how to spell. (sigh)And yes, I even proof-read this comment!


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