God Truly Hates Me

This is the message I just sent to my cousin and uncle on Facebook:

Okay, so I got home from Tucson around 1:30-ish today and just after 2pm, Brian calls mom’s phone, leaving her a message that he had a blowout in her car on the freeway, changed the tire to the spare, which also blew out, and walked to 16th St and University. I chewed him out for the message he left her when I finally got him on the phone because he had her all kinds of freaked out. He left the car on the freeway. Sylvia went to pick him up. He has the only set of keys. Great. I can’t do anything until I have the keys. There’s $46 in the checking acct and I have $50 in my Paypal. Can’t even afford the tow truck. I called Big Daddy and as soon as Sylvia got home with mom’s car keys, I went to pick up Big Daddy. We drove over to I-17 and 16th St., found the car, pulled the original tire from the trunk and put it in the back of my truck. This is at the height of rush hour, mind you. Very dangerous and narrow on that part of the freeway. We take the tire/wheel and go looking for a Discount Tire. Find one at Central and Baseline that closes at 6. it’s just after 5. Okay, we should make it no problem. Get there and of course they don’t have a used tire in the size we need so I have to spend ALL the money I have to buy a new one. Meanwhile, there’s already a tow sticker on the car. Those fuckers move fast, but I should have 24 hours before they tow the damn thing. BTW, the tow truck would have cost me $103.50, so right now, I’m cheaper than the tow truck. Discount starts to close while Kyle and I wait outside. The guy brings our tire out, we throw it in the back of the ‘lance and hop in. It won’t start. Like nothing but a click sounds. Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t have jumper cables because they’re guess where? That’s right, in mom’s car that’s still sitting on the side of the freeway. Not one of the guys working at Discount Tire has jumper cables either, so I call the Wookie-man, who comes to our aid. We jump the truck and Wookie leaves, but he’s still sort of in the parking lot. Big Daddy gases the ‘lanche and the fucking thing dies! I hastily call Wookie back before he gets back onto Baseline. BTW, you should see all of my tweets during this episode. LOL Wookie comes back and has to fix his jumper cables because they broke right after we took them off. I’m on the phone with mom explaining what’s happening. She’s apologizing profusely. Finally, I decide I need to call g-ma to see if she can help because I’m now broke and I need a new battery and there’s a Kmart right there in the parking lot. I have to find out how much the battery is for her so I hang up and head over to Kmart. All the batteries are sitting on a shelf and I have no clue which one to buy and g-ma wants to pay for it over the phone with her credit card, which Kmart won’t do. So I call her back and ask for Aunt Jo because she’s all web-savvy and I know she’ll “get” what I’m talking about when I ask to transfer the money to my Paypal account because I have a debit card for it. She does so, giving me enough cash to buy the battery and a little extra for gas and such. Coolio. It cost like $124. Holy shit! We buy the battery and install it in the ‘lanche, then head back to mom’s car with a brand new tire, where Big Daddy notices the battery gauge dipping, which means the alternator might be fucked, but we continue on to the car…only, the car is not fucking there! It’s been towed already. Why? Most likely because my dumbass brother parked it in front of the speed cameras and it probably hindered them. I’m all “God truly fucking hates me” at this point, and it’s all so goddamn ridiculous that Big Daddy and I can do nothing but laugh at it. On the way back to his house, we stop for gas and leave the damn ‘lanche running because we don’t know what’s going to happen. I dropped him off at home and came home after that. I have no stereo now because Big Daddy took the fuse out, thinking that the CD stuck in my stereo might have been part of the problem, but now we have to call DPS to find out where they took the car and God only knows how much that’s going to fucking cost, which we don’t have the money for either. I’m really starting to hate my life. I’m gonna drive off a cliff. LOL Hey, I’ve got a blog here! LOL

And no, I still haven’t found the car yet.

5 thoughts on “God Truly Hates Me”

  1. GOD DOES NOT HATE YOU! He loves you and this is all just life on life's terms. Keep your head up chica. Laughing at what was happening was the best thing you could do. Having a good attitude no matter what happens is the key to happiness. WE have a choice. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Love you!


  2. TLDR, but from your Tweets, it was a fucked up time. So much fun, this existential thingie eh? It's called and you'll love it: FML (Fuck My Life) LOL


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