Hallowe’en Eve at Tranzylvania

Night of the Living Dead

Wow, what an interesting night that was! Suffice it to say, I actually enjoyed myself. This is a good thing for Tranzylvania (I spelled it wrong last time) because I’m not going to write a crappy post about them like I did back in March, here (I still love that comic, though). However, it was Hallowe’en, so I certainly expected the place to not be dead. Pun intended this time. And it wasn’t dead at all. The DJ wasn’t bad, either. Played good music and I danced. I was happy, although I still miss Dan the DJ. Dude, where the fuck are you now? Comment on here and let me know!

I’ll reiterate my thoughts on the decor:

The decor was Gothic/Italian-esque. I really liked it … One thing that was very interesting was at the stroke of midnight, all the murals changed to Gothic-type paintings once the blacklights came on. Very cool. One entire wall turned into a scene right out of Dracula, made to look like windows and had one feeling as though they were inside the castle peering out. Others turned quite pornographic in nature. I was amused.

So there I was dressed in a freaking ball gown (yes, you read that correctly – Jinxie wore a dress! OMG!) with bite marks on my neck. Blame Wookie. He bit me. Damn vampire. Oh hey, I guess I found a vampire this time, but he’s taken. Well, I kinda sorta found a vampire of sorts after the Wookies left. hee hee We won’t go anymore into that. Let’s just say that it was the reason I didn’t post this the next day, nor did I leave the freaking house on Hallowe’en.

Hey, I had candy to pass out.

Here’s a lovely picture of Wookiesgirl and me, where I look absolutely beautiful and the bitch had to close her eyes.

I’m kidding girl, I love you. No, I don’t have any photos of my long gown. We forgot to take some and I’m not putting that thing back on. Gods, I couldn’t breathe in that corset! My friend Grant was dressed up as 9. Yes, from the movie. He always has the coolest costumes, but here’s one of my favs:

Yeah, baby!

Goth is dead. Sad days, my friends, sad days. I shall be in mourning for the winter until the vampire ball comes around. Maybe I’ll actually get to go this time.

Hope you all had a happy Hallowe’en!

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  1. LOL.. I was being cute and I was DRUNK dammit! Look at my lips though.. WOOT a nice set of DSL's…OMG I did just write that didn't I? LMAO Ok gonna shut up now!


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