Night of the Living Dead at Tranz

It’s Night of the Living Dead at Tranzylvania tonight, and I’m going to give this place another shot. I do hope I will not be disappointed this time. Seeing as how it’s Halloween, I don’t see how I would be.
Full report tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Night of the Living Dead at Tranz”

  1. Holy shite! You've gone all girly on me! Pink!! (I almost mistyped that as "oink"–thank God I proofread before posting!) I wear a pink lapel pin but can't bring myself to pink up my blog. I loathe the color. ;-)So. How'd it go this time? 😉 I sat at home–as I will tonite–with my foot on a pillow and an ice pack, desperately fending off the urge to get up and go to the bathroom/get something to eat/clean something up because it's a major big bitch to get around right now. LOLBTW–you have an old blog URL for me. I don't update Voices In MY Head anymore–I like wordpress mucho mejor.


  2. Crap, I thought I'd fixed that. Will do shortly. =) I haven't had time to update my evening. Will also do that shortly. I'm beginning to think we need to wrap you in bubble wrap so you don't get hurt anymore. LOL


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