Writing the Dreaded Sex Scene

I am so getting spammed for that title, on here and Twitter, but whatever. This topic needs covered. It’s not like the Britney bots aren’t hitting me constantly anyway.

I’ve been reading a lot of sex books lately, and I’m not talking about the kind written by the likes of Dr. Ruth. Let’s just call them what they are, folks. From First Date by Lynne Roberts (also got a sneak peek at her third title) to Accustomed to His Fangs by December Quinn (of which I am still reading–yes, there will be reviews on my review blog because I have two more of her books to read), to the new hawt writings of a writer friend who shall remain nameless at this time, and let us not forget those big hot sexy warrior vampires belonging to JR Ward in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series … When can a girl get a break here? Shower heads and B.O.B.s can only do so much, people. *sigh*

It’s not unknown that I’ve dreaded writing the detailed sex scene over the years. Until recently, I’ve just avoided it as much as possible. I even went so far as to write an entire novel without a sex scene in it, mostly to see if I could. The sexual tension is great, but I succeeded in not adding that shit. Whether the novel works without it or not, we’ll have to wait for the next edit to discover this since my eyes have been opened. Then a friend told me I needed to add more detail to one or two of the scenes in Nemesis and I was like, “oh crap, here we go.” Regardless of the fact that those scenes in Nemesis do not contain the words cock or clit or shaft or pussy, I think I did fairly well, but that’s me. That book wasn’t about writing an erotica story. It was about finding that right person finally and falling in love. Tender moments there, folks. Don’t trivialize the striptease with the pole!

My point is this, I’ve taken to giving this a try over the past few days/weeks because hey, sex sells … Duh! I’m kidding, but not really. Sex does sell. I’m writing it to get past some boundaries, like the ones Stacia Kane talks about on her blog here. I’ll be writing it under a different name. Some of you already know that name. Shh. When I’m ready to show you what I’ve got (outside of what you may have already read), I’ll post some shorts on a different blog and the link on Twitter.

Until then, let’s hope I can get some decent sleep before November and NaNoWriMo begins because THAT will be a YA book!

2 thoughts on “Writing the Dreaded Sex Scene”

  1. I love Stacia Quinn. Her blog is awesome! Not every sex scene needs to be erotic. You can have sensual and sometimes it's the things you don't say that make it hot.But yeah, it can be intimidating. Those are words we don't use often and using them in a sentence can be… uncomfortable.Like any scene, once you write it (even if you have to write it fast) you can always edit. Good luck and happy writing. : )And hey, remember that was a rough draft. : )


  2. LOL I know that, but I was making a point, and given my lack of decent sleep these past few days, my point was apparently lost somewhere between "Regardless" and "pole." What a mess that was, sheesh. You threw me with the Stacia Quinn, though, just for a second.And yes, I know it was a rough draft, which means I can't wait to see the final draft!Thanks for dropping by, Lynne. =)


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