Writing, Writing, and More Writing!

Okay, my dear Twitterati, here’s the deal – I’ve been slacking on a lot of things lately (writing, editing, cleaning my freakin’ house, etc.) and I needed a good swift kick in the ass. Well, I pretty much got one recently, which is a good thing, and I’m certain more are to come, but first, we’ll start with the writing/editing. My house will come later when I have a moment of OCD.

So here’s the plan: write 1,000 words per day (at least) or edit 10 pages per day, and keep each other motivated. There is no word count goal. Just write or edit. There are several hashtags on Twitter already – #amwriting, #wordathon (that’s run by @jimsissy), #writegoal, #wordcount, #writeathon, #nanowrimo (important next month – November), #write… and I’m certain you can find more.

Pia gave me one for this: #Jinxiespublishingquest – but it’s too long, though I absolutely love it! HC gave me one, too: #1kordie – LOL. Since it’s shorter and made me laugh, we’ll go with #1kordie. I also use #amwriting and #lunaticwriters (started by @cjredwine, I think).

This all begins on October 18th. That’s next Sunday. Why? Because my class ends on Saturday and I’m in the midst of writing a HUGE paper. This is like my final paper for the school and my degree. It’s on Creationism vs. Evolution. Yeah, I need to get working on that.

So start preparing for it. It’ll get you geared up for NaNoWriMo next month, too!

Who’s in?


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