Top 10 Reasons Showerheads Are Better Than Men

There’s a crack about showerheads in one of my novels—Nemesis—and a while back on Twitter, my dear friend Clive, knowing this, ran with the hashtag #jinxiessecretdiary… or #jinxiessecretdiaries—can’t remember which and it’s not searchable right now. I decided a blog post was necessary because… why in the hell not?
The top 10 reasons why showerheads are better than men:
10)       Won’t spend all of your money, except for that water bill because, well, you know.
9)         Won’t ever cheat on you, unless you have roommates, or your mom stops by for a visit.
8)         Won’t ruin your credit, unless you go crazy with upgrades from the local Home Depot…Aisle 10, not that I’d know…
7)         Won’t give you an STD, unless you define that as Short-Term Delirium.
6)         Won’t get you pregnant – that could be good or bad
5)         Is cheaper than an array of adult toys – woo hoo!
4)         Will leave you feeling fresh and clean every time
3)         Will never make you sleep in the wet spot, unless you washed your hair
2)         Never asks you to reciprocate
And the number 1 reason showerheads are better than men:
Good vibrations, baby! – ahem, you’ll need a massaging showerhead for this.

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  1. This was hilarious! ;DLOL, there's some showerhead action in the book I just finished, Lynne! LOL Mine's also with a guy and involves handcuffs. 😉


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