Changes & Projects

So… my little brother and his girlfriend moved in over the weekend. I’m actually excited about this because it might help me save my house. Plus, it’s nice to have someone here other than Umi and they can help me with her.

I’m also waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for last week in which I heard I got a good reaction from the interviewers. I hope that’s true. We’ll see and hopefully will find out Tuesday. If I get this, I think I’ll be working some night shifts. Works for me, since I’m all nocturnal-like.

I also have many projects lined up, as usual. Here’s what I have going right now, not in any particular order.

On the burner:

1. edit first chapter and finish next chapter of the Witches book
2. finish reading and editing Siobhan’s rewrite of her book Wyckham House (which is really, really good, btw)
3. post some more recipes on Noni’s Kitchen, complete with photos
4. find the problem with Nemesis and fix it before sending out queries again
5. clean off my kitchen table because it’s a damn mess
6. work on Tir na nOg because I just reread that story last week and I’m all into it again
7. can’t touch Dusk of Death until HC finishes editing this draft, though I really want to send that one in to BookEnds because my pitch was a finalist in their first Twitch contest
8. start my final research paper on Creationism vs. Evolutionism (yeah, that’ll be a fun one!)
9. write a short for Forever Nocturne‘s October issue
10. finish reading Jeri Smith-Ready’s Bad to the Bone and write the review for FN’s next issue
11. write reviews for JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, books 3 through 6 (because I haven’t read 7 yet)
12. write another post for End of the World Times
13. write an essay on Science/Description this week sometime (trying to figure out which movie to use)
14. other homework – reading
15. get my truck serviced and wheel balanced because it’s driving me mad
16. sort out some stuff HC and I worked on like a month ago
17. catch up on blog reading
18. finish drawing a house for a story (yes, I actually can draw a bit)
19. get some ads for Forever Nocturne (email if you’re interested)
20. relax? um, maybe… if I have time
21. read submissions for the next issue (I should probably get that done soon, huh?)
22. clean up around my house some more (I’m thinking a yardsale is in order)
23. try not to lose my mind in the process of all of this

Wow, I have a lot to do!

24. do another blog post on writing, or something similar

I’m going to get started on this list. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you might want to call the Coast Guard in case I’m drowning.

And why do I blog my list? So I can freakin’ remember it all!

6 thoughts on “Changes & Projects”

  1. This is fantastic to see all the things you are interested and working on. Keeps you far away from the well. I am working on edits for both DOD and Nemesis. Yes, I feel the guilt. LOL.


  2. Awwwww, I made the list! LOL I can be put on a back burner, darlin. Not a problem. ;-)I know the feeling about having so much to do. How do we fit it all in? Oh, I know–because we're wooooomen, W-O-M-E-N, I'll say it again… Or not. haha


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