Ah Crap…

Okay folks, so the visualization exercise didn’t work. Neither does meditation or anything else I’ve used in the past. Isn’t this fun?

It’s 3AM and my foot is asleep. It kind of ticks me off that the rest of my body won’t follow suit. I’ve also come to realize something this lovely evening – I can’t draw worth a shit. I have all of these images in my head, and I can’t get them out. It’s driving me rather insane at the moment, among the many other things overfilling my damn plate.

Yeah, so… I have a lot of things to do today. Sleep won’t be one of them, apparently.

Oh, and just a heads up on what’s coming in the near future – I’m out of cigarettes without a way to get more at this time. Murderous tendencies may take place once again because this is completely involuntary, which is the absolute worst way to quit smoking. You may wish to steer clear of me for the next week and a half. I won’t be pleasant. I’ll also try to stay away from Twitter during this time. I need to find a job anyway… which is what I’m going to go do right now.

Update: the nicotine issue has been solved. Thank the gods!


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