Holy Hell

Yes, we have now switched from My Life in Hell to Holy Hell. Trust me, it’s more fun this way. Funner? Whatever.

So… some friends of mine have sparked a new idea in me… well, several ideas have sparked lately, but this is a good thing… I think. I’ll let you know if I start drowning soon.
The Ideas:
First, I have two new short story ideas fermenting in my mind, one of which I hope will make it into the next issue of Forever Nocturne. The one that doesn’t get published in FN, I intend to send out where ever. It’d be nice to have some real pub creds in my resume at this point. Short stories are the hardest for me to write because they always want to turn into novels. With these two ideas I have, there is no way in hell they can turn into books. YAY! We’ll see how that works out. They both fall in the horror realm.
The next idea came about when a Twitter friend asked me to contribute to a new blog. I’ve been really distracted lately and haven’t been able to post, to which I feel awful about, but I had some ideas tonight and sent him a long babbling email. Let’s hope he doesn’t kill me for it. That blog is the End of the World Times. Cool stuff, you should go take a look. The year is 2012 and the shit has hit the fan, so to speak.
The most recent idea is part of the reason I’ve been distracted. I am collaborating on a five-book paranormal romance series with five other authors. My book is the first one and I’ve already written over 4,000 words on it. Now Bryan from the EotW blog is really going to kill me, but I have to go with whatever story is speaking to me. No worries, Bryan, now that I’ve gotten some ideas out of the way, I can work on more than one at a time. The good thing is that both stories have an “end of the world” thing going. The bad thing is the most recent one is affecting the blog one in a big way, in that I’m seeing what the world looks like several years after the apocalypse rather than directly during and after it. Oy vey! And let’s not forget that these two stories are COMPLETELY different from one another. The apocalypse is their only similarity.
Work to Do:
I have a ton of research to do, from potential geologic disasters to witchcraft. Not to mention my freelance writing, where I do a ton of research as well. The witchcraft isn’t so much a big deal because I already have a wealth of knowledge on that. We won’t go into the whys of it, but suffice it to say, there is a pentacle tattoo on my upper back.
I am also in the midst of packing as much as I can, selling whatever I can, and just generally cleaning up my house because I will be moving at some point in the near future. Where has been somewhat decided, but I need to go there to make sure it’s what I really want, so the eBaying has begun. Next, yardsale!
I just went and looked at topographical maps for Arizona. It’s cool stuff. God, I’m sick. Sick, I tell you!
And with that said, I now return to the book and the blog stories.

8 thoughts on “Holy Hell”

  1. Hi :)Thanks for sharing.Congratulations on the story ideas, the novel in progress, the blog guest posting, the selling, the moving, the … geez, you are one productive lady!:)Love and best wishes,twitter.com/RKCharronxoxo


  2. I am so excited for your shiny new ideas! Glad that you are writing prolifically again, and that I get to be part of the process. (4 other writers, by the way, unless you are speaking of yourself in 3rd person =D)


  3. I love watching the look on your face when you have so many ideas going on in your head…. its pleasing to see… also very happy to see you posting again.. 🙂


  4. You cant count me as one of the 4 other writers.. Creative decisioner possibly.. Hehe I guess we get to see what I come up with in my "writing/decisioning/overseeing role.. Love you chica very much! Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me! I will be forever grateful to you.


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