The Great Swear-off

This past Saturday, May 2nd, early evening found me in a cursing competition on Twitter with one of Shadow’s vampire characters, Crookedfang. I know, right? Keep reading.

I’d just risen from my crypt, logged in to Twitter, and soon thereafter the competition began. Why? Because Crookedfang discovered Cursebird.com. It is a site that tracks and ranks curse words and who says them on Twitter. Let’s see if I can find my current status… Ah, here it is:

“Jinxie_G swears like a George Carlin Wannabe – Ranked: 1,664th worldwide – Swears: 132 – Score: 100 of 100″

This ranking is as of 5AM Monday morning. Awesome! I rock! Wait, should I be proud of this? Oh, why the fuck not?

Here is what Shadows posted the day after the contest:

“The results of the Cursebird off that occurred last night between @crookedfang and @Jinxie_G: @crookedfang pulled up a total of 15,000 spots within 1000 of @Jinxie_G‘s status quota, @crookedfang was lulled into a false truce by this demon woman. She returned and cursed her way to the victory! @Jinxie_G wins! lol

In my defense, I tried really hard not to swear from my own account when I returned to Twitter in the wee hours after the bar; however, I’m sticking to the “it was the vodka” defense on this one. hehe But, I did open up Shawn‘s account and swore like a sailor there. What can I say, Shawn has a foul mouth, too.

Can’t wait for the next contest Crookedfang!

6 thoughts on “The Great Swear-off”

  1. I do have to say that I was impressed with the creativity. And you must be very proud to be ranking almost in the top 1000…now, go wash your mouth out with soap! Might I suggest LAVA Soap?!?


  2. H. – I am NOT washing my mouth out with soap and you can’t make me! =pSharon – apparently Michael. LOLChristel – I’m not finished yet. =p


  3. What the fuck? I already commented on this damn thing. Fuck Blogger for eating comments. Crookedfang still says you cheated. I told him that women always have ulterior motive. lol.Thanks for the temporary fame. I think Xan is going to start the church of teh_profane. He says he has a job for you. LOL.


  4. Shadows – I already explained the cheating thing. Tell him to stuff it! LOL Yes, he’s already offered me archbishop. LMAO!


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