My Life in Hell: Insomniatic Characters and Me

Well yes, it’s bright and early here in partly sunny Arizona, 10:30 AM, and I am AWAKE after sleeping for about… oh… an hour! Honestly, this is ridiculous. Yesterday, I went to bed around 6 AM after a 34-hour shift of finishing up my thesis (and the paper from Hell) for British Literature, going to class, and coming home to my waiting laptop to Twitter the night away (since I was going through a bit of withdrawal from not being on much the previous couple of days/nights). I twittered and tweeted and… that sounds really bad. heh An angel and a vamp had a good time that night. No worries, it was rather low-key, with exception to Shawn’s language which shoots the rating into the R arena. Behind the scenes, I’m thinkin’ Ezriel had a damn good time, though. Bastard. It’s not fair.

So, I ended up sleeping about 12 or so hours yesterday. Once again was up pretty late, went to bed around 6 AM, and lay there for an hour, slept an hour, woke up… wide freakin’ awake. And we know Jinxie won’t be sleeping until somewhere around 6 AM tomorrow morning. Welcome to my hell. No clue as to why this happened. Joy. Probably the characters keeping me awake, since several of them ran through my mind… including Lumiel, whose ass I will be kicking later on this evening.

And yes, let’s discuss my darling characters, too.

Shawn was in a very foul mood Thursday evening, and I wasn’t exactly certain of the reason for this until he went off on one of Heather‘s characters (Lumiel – who apparently has a crush on me – go figure) and then he and Trent started talking. And what do my lovely twins discuss? Piper! A girl they fought over a long time ago and who has been dead and gone since then. It shocked the hell out of me that they were discussing this, and what shocked me even more was that this was the reason for Shawn’s foul mood. Now, if you haven’t met Shawn, I must inform you that he is a very moody, foul-mouthed little shit… most of the time. I’ve always known he had a side to him that is rarely seen and up until now, I’ve really been the only one to see it, but to open up in the public view like he did… well, shit. I now have to wonder what the hell he’s going to do next, and I’ll admit, that has me a little nervous given his nature.

Along with a few other characters in the mix, multiple conversations, etc., this kept me up far longer than I intended, but I am amused by the whole thing. I am thankful I didn’t go into Splitweet last night, though Shawn really nudged me to speak. And I was STILL up until 6 AM. I will never get out of this mode, I swear.

So yes, we’re a bunch of freaks, geeks, whatever, but know this: yes, the characters DO talk to us, and yes, they are very real inside our heads. Ask JR Ward how REAL her characters from the Black Dagger Brotherhood are (btw, those are some damn yummy vampires – holy hell). Besides, having the characters online actually helps quite a bit; the twins’ discussion proving my point. I might not have ever gotten that out of them while writing the book. Uh huh, you think I jest, but only writers know how truthful this is and how the characters can be picky and moody about when they feel like talking.

I didn’t mean for this particular blog to be about my characters. I was going to do that down the road. Oh well…

To get back on track here… insomnia. Wookiesgirl has suggested that I am over-tired. This has never happened to me before, but it makes sense, I suppose. I bet I’ll sleep very well tonight! Sweet!

Do you want to hear something funny? NOW I’m getting tired. I started this blog 5 hours ago, got sidetracked by a few things, friend in need, vampire game, etc., and NOW that I’m about to head to the gym, I’m freakin’ tired!

So…. crunches!

And I may be actually babbling at this point, but hey, it’s been like 3 weeks since I posted a blog, so deal.

4 thoughts on “My Life in Hell: Insomniatic Characters and Me”

  1. I absolutely love this post! It is so true about Twitter withdrawal. I wondered why Lumiel hadn’t been keeping me up, so sorry.It is very true that characters choose when and how they talk. Just because they once belonged to us, doesn’t mean that we control them. There are so many times that we are at their mercy. It is awesome that Shawn surprised you. I think he surprised all of us that night. Keep writing and don’t let Twitter take up so much of your time – and I’m saying that for my benefit as well.


  2. Heather – please keep him chained up somewhere.Sharon – No, there was obviously a reason I needed to be awake. I think it was you. =)


  3. I had a hand in it too. /guilt. You won the contest by 600 points, only because you came back on and cursed some more…bitch. lol.


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