Sex Scene from Nemesis

So, I was talking on Twitter all night long, more than usual, of course (heh), and the topic of the evening entailed this wonderful scene as I worked on it, which ended up with me gaining quite a few new followers. Oh boy. You can only say “sex scene” so many times on Twitter before someone with the word “sex” in their name starts to follow you… and I laughed my freakin’ ass off when it happened.

Anyway, I know you want to read this, so have it. If you’re interested in the first chapter, click Nemesis.

Thank you.

When Clancy kisses me, I feel no pain, deep in my heart, no hatred. I actually feel whole again. “I want you in my life, Nemy-girl.”

I look up at him. “And I want to be there now, but you can’t throw something this huge at me and expect me to be all peachy fucking keen with it.”

That noisy air-pull comes through his nostrils, and finally, he shakes his head. “Alright.” His arms slip around me in a quick motion and he lifts me up to him.

My hands press against his shoulders while he walks into the hall. “What are you doing?”

“Something I should’ve finished several weeks ago,” he replies and steps through my bedroom door. “Instead of letting you walk out on me.” He lowers me onto my bed, positioning himself above me while staring into my eyes.

“Clancy,” I whisper.

“Hush,” he replies and kisses me again.

Clancy’s kiss is like a rare wine, subtle, yet overpowering, and I’m nearly helpless, held in its trap of seduction while his soft lips work against mine. His hand travels along my right leg, bending it so he can reach my foot, and he flips my tennis shoe off and pulls down the sock, discarding both to the floor. That same hand slides back up my leg, over my hip and waist, and up my side while his lips explore my neck. I let out a sigh, and I can feel his lips curve against my skin when his left hand repeats the removal of my footwear.

The leather bustier I’m wearing tonight has frog hooks in the front, and his fingers nimbly work them open one at a time. I open my mouth to say something, but I get two fingers over my lips as he shushes me and returns to his work. I would tell him there’s a faster way to get the damn thing off, but I’m kind of liking this way, so I stay quiet. He pulls the bustier from beneath me and throws it behind him. I hear it hit the floor, a soft muddled thud against the carpet. He hesitates at my waist, his hands trying to decide if they want to go up or work on my jeans. They choose the jeans and once he gets them off, he pulls his shirt over his head and throws it aside.

His tongue slides up my stomach and I shiver. I run my fingers through his soft hair, pushing it back because it’s hiding his face from me. Those green eyes meet mine while his tongue flits around my nipple, and it pulls a long overdue sigh from me. The necklace he’s wearing—a dragon’s tooth, he calls it—rests gently against my skin between my breasts, cool to the touch while his warm lips devour me.

I’m not certain when he takes his pants off because I’m enjoying the sensation his touch brings me, and I have forgotten all about our conversation. Fingers slip under lace panties and slide them down, and then return to that place a man hasn’t touched in months. My back arches a little when I gasp, and his lips continue their seduction.

“Oh my,” I say in a sigh. “Clancy?”

His lips curve against my skin. “Shh, just let me take care of you, Nemy-girl.” He gently lifts me and turns me on the bed, and then lies next to me. I’m nervous about his condition, but he stops those thoughts when his right hand glides over me. It slips around my side and he pulls me on top of him. I kiss him ferociously, devouring those lips and that long beautiful neck of his while his hands slide down my back and rest on my rear. One hand raises and slaps against my cheek with a quick thwack, sounding like a whip. It pulls a giggle from me and I look into his smiling green eyes. He laughs and pulls me down to him.

“Nemy-girl,” he whispers in my ear. “I’ve waited so long…” He gently nibbles my earlobe before his lips meet mine once more in a heat of passion, his tongue slipping into my mouth while my hand takes his head, forcing him to stay where he is for the moment because I love kissing him.

Clancy’s hand trembles against my shoulder, fingers tentative to touch or nervous about it. Yeah, now he gets nervous. His fingertips drift down my arm, jumping and fidgeting until they jump again and he reaches my waist, and then they rest on my hip, pressing firmly into my skin. I raise my hips and lower them until I can feel him pushing into me, and I bite my lower lip and sigh because oh my God that feels damn good. When my eyes flick to Clancy’s face, his eyelids close, he lets out a sigh, and his head presses against the bed.

His hips rise and he rolls me onto my back, and his mouth covers my breast while his hand slips under my thigh, raising my left leg. Clancy’s teeth close around my nipple and pull gently until it leaves his mouth and snaps back. A short moan escapes my lips before it’s cut off by a gasp of breath.

“Jesus,” I barely manage to get out, and really, I didn’t intend for it to be voiced.

Clancy’s lips return to my neck, slowly run along my jaw line, and find my mouth once more while we move in that perfect harmony I never thought was possible. Slow gentle movements of the lover who already knows your body, having tasted it several times over. My heart races, my breath catching every time he pushes himself deeper into me. His lips brush over my nipple once more and a shudder ripples through me. Sheer ecstasy, as my body reacts to his touch. My breath comes harder, faster, until it suddenly stops, keeping me frozen for that split second before I’m engulfed, drowning in it.

“Clan… cy,” I cry out, one hand clutching the sheets on the bed, the other digging into his back with my nails. My head swims with emotion, thoughts, pleasure, pain, and the scent of him, my Clancy, sending me reeling in a downward spiral.

All I can say is this night brings me the best sex… ever.

And there you have it. Tell me honestly, what did you think? I was by no means shooting for the whole erotica-type sex scene, so don’t tell me I’m missing a throbbing member or anything. (LMAO) This is a women’s fiction book, essentially romance, the first non-paranormal I’ve written. There are two words I just can’t bring myself to write, and they both start with the letter “c”. I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what they are. =p

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  1. LMAO! I do not love that word. I don’t know why. I’m not offended by it or anything like that. In fact, it makes me laugh. Maybe that’s it. =p I can’t write it in anything resembling a serious scene because I laugh. It was hard enough writing throbbing member without falling into a fit of laughter (there’s an inside joke with my ex on that one). God, I’m such a guy.Wait, the ex has a shirt that says “He loves the cock” and there’s an arrow pointing to the left for whoever stands there (t-shirt hell). That explains it, and there, I just wrote it, but not in a scene. =pIt’s all Big Daddy’s fault!


  2. Oh and it’s about time these two did it. Fuck’s sake, they’ve been dancing around the subject for forever, lol. I like it. Very descriptive.


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