My Life in Hell: It’s Complicated

No comic today. Sorry.

Oh, alright, I’ll see if I can find one.

Recently on Facebook, I discovered a new relationship status: It’s Complicated. I find it hilarious, although I think Big Daddy may be upset by it. He’s been a bit quiet lately. Hmm, perhaps I should change it again. I only did it because he wouldn’t confirm the engagement, which I also found hilarious, that Facebook actually had to “confirm the relationship.” Do we not trust people to tell the truth or something?

The job search is not going well. I have updated and re-updated my resume on Monster, who changed their format recently and dumped about half of the information I had up there, but I did finally go in and add some stuff to my profile, like a quote: My experience is vast and I am a valuable employee. Too arrogant? Well, it’s freakin’ true. There was quite a bit more to that. I only show you the final line. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find much on there or on Craigslist, and the few I have responded to have yet to reply. My darling uncle, the Evil Criminal Mastermind, left a lovely comment on my Facebook about the possibilities of Jack in the Box. Hardy freakin’ har. You are so not funny, man. I haven’t worked in fast food since my teens. I’m already a greasy Italian. I don’t need to add to it. Do you think Starbucks is hiring?

I’ve begun editing Dusk of Death for the upcoming Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, and reached chapter 13 tonight. Not bad for a night’s work. I should be able to plow through the whole thing by the entry date: February 2. I think you can enter more than one manuscript, too. I’ll have to see what else is ready to go.

In the meantime, I have also been working on The Fox Den (working title) and Tir na nOg. I started the former on or around December 15th and have now hit 70,000 words. The latter began a couple of years ago and suddenly shut up, and I’ve only reached about 25,000 words on it, but it’s still talking and I happened to work on both of them the other night. That was an all night venture due to insomnia once again. This really must stop. While I enjoy the amount of writing I get done, the not sleeping will have ill affects on me down the road. It’s probably why I caught the cold that’s going around. Of course, after such a venture, I usually sleep around 12 to 15 hours. Yeah, that can’t be good, either.

I went to the gym today and the torture device known as the elliptical did not attempt to kill me. However, I only gave it 3 minutes, so it didn’t have a chance. Neener neener. Then I ran the circuit and felt pretty good afterward. I’m trying to convince a friend to join. She’s being difficult. I hate going alone, but then I’ve discovered that when I have the iPod going, I don’t really care about anyone around me and just workout.

I’ve recently had some new ideas for the third vampire novel. My readers will be so thrilled to hear that. I’ll get to it soon, folks, I promise! This one will be able to stand alone, I hope. I think I know what I’m doing now. haha

Okay, I found a comic for you. This is for my friend Sharon (aka Siobhan) for her dislike of math. She’s having to take a math class this semester, although it’s not Geometry. Sucks to be you, Sio! =p

Yes, Geometry is hell and I hated it in high school. Thank God I’m past that crap! English majors don’t need math.

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  1. LMFAO!! That comic is SO me!And sorry about the rest…don’t know WTF is wrong with Big Daddy other than he is in dire need of a Plexotomoy. Evil Mastermind is onto something, but Yak in the Box? Oy. That is a serious backward slide on the career slope. Starbucks at least would have some perks. haha Get it? Perks? I crack me up!


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