You see the word, you have to look. That’s all there is to it because there is the desire to know what it’s all about. Right? Human nature.

I just had to look.

I went to the nail salon today (stick with me here), since I was in desperate need of a manicure (fill), because my claws had gotten to the point where I had quite a bit of trouble typing without having to hit the backspace key like 50 bah-jillion times. I chatted with one owner while Umi (my mother) chatted with the other owner, and we watched the news about the plane that landed in Hudson River. Wow. It took about ten or fifteen minutes before I could find out what happened, thanks to Twitter, and I’m happy that there was no loss of life. Kudos to the pilot!

Now, two hours after the fact, I’m glad to say my nails look very pretty with their little B&W plaid design (I shall refrain from taking and posting a photo), but what I’m truly blogging about is not my nails (really, I’m not vain).

It’s this:

When I first looked up at it while drying my nails, I thought it was a gumball machine, and it actually is of sorts.

Because the camera on my freakin’ not-very-cheap phone sucks a$$, I will have to explain what you’re looking at in these lovely photos. — Candy — That is correct, but not candy you would EVER want to give your child. In fact, there’s a warning on the label for those under the age of 14. This is espresso-centered, chocolatey-middled, candy-coated ENERGY candy selling for 50 cents apiece. Seriously, like 7 pieces is one serving, but only a couple of them equals two cans of an energy drink or four cups of coffee (there’s a little display on the side showing this–upper left corner). I had to look at the ingredients. They’re loaded with Guarana* and caffeine, and I’m not sure people understand what exactly that does to one’s body.

My intrigue of the name is that not only is this candy called CrackHeads (which in and of itself fully expresses the outcome of eating it), but that it is called CrackHeads2. Did the first version not work so well and couldn’t live up to the CrackHead name? Is it because two of these little beauties will make you act like a CrackHead?

I’m also very curious if anyone out there has tried it? If so, please tell me your experience with said candy. Does it have “Super Energy” and a “Super Taste”? Is there really an espresso bean in the center (ewww), or does it just look that way?

I’m always down for chocolate, and even mixing it with espresso. After all, I love a good Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino, but that at its very worst will only add a few pounds if I drink them too often, like once per day, and I haven’t had one in a while now.

Um yeah, I think I’ll stick with Starbucks. I have a gym membership. It’s all good.

*From anecdotal evidence of excessive consumption of energy drinks, guarana may contribute (alone or in combination with caffeine and taurine) to onset of seizures in some people. (PubMed)

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  1. Ummm…I’m not even going to start on the lack of moral values in naming a candy CrackHeads. Gee, let’s celebrate a drug culture that is gunning down people in the streets and turning bright minds into wastelands.Seriously, peeps, if you want energy, eat some damn protein, drink a large glass of water, and get off your arse.I’m going to go take a nap now.


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