What Makes Me Happy

When a friend calls in the middle of the day to tell me she loves my book and it’s going to get her in trouble because she’s reading it at work and can’t put it down (she’s a microbiologist and wears one of those bio suits, though I doubt she’s reading it while looking at specimens–God, I hope not–ewwww). She happened to catch me awake after an all night writing venture. Glad I didn’t go to sleep.

Also what makes me happy is while I’m on the phone with her and one of her co-workers asks about a download for her Kindle. Yes, that’s nice. I had to direct her to my website because the download isn’t available on Amazon, but she found it. Cool beans. I hope she likes it.

One other note that makes me happy: I picked up the small classified section from Sunday’s paper and found a job listing that is right in line with the behavioral health stuff I used to do! I’m sending my resume tomorrow! I so have the background for this! YAY!