My Life in Hell: Projects

Wow, several of them.

I am currently working on a women’s fic type of novel called The Fox Den (working title–yes, I know it’s crappy, which is why it’s a working title, but I usually have a good one by now–11 chapters). This is the one that won’t shut up, causes insomnia, and I have now written 45,000 words in three weeks!!! Yikes!

I am also working on a fantasy novel, Tir na nOg (I kind of like that title and it’s important). So far, 8 chapters (technically, because there’s an intro of backstory just for me–don’t ask me why I posted it).

Then there is the next issue of Forever Nocturne online magazine due out in March in which I must still interview my tattoo artist (Wookie-man, lunch soon!), as well as becoming Chief Editor for Cold Coffee and possibly becoming Chief Editor for their magazine, too. I dread the onslaught of submissions for either magazine.

Not to mention, the edits for Dusk of Death (no, it’s not posted anywhere–maybe I’ll put it on Authonomy), and another run through on Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles to change the story up a bit… or a lot.

I must also reorganize my office so I can find everything and have more room, finish the sketches and ink the latest for kindread shirts, enter contests that I keep forgetting about, and oh, look for a damn job. Arizona’s job market sucks right now and I’m not entirely certain what I want to do next. I need something a bit mindless for a while so it doesn’t stifle my creative flow and interfere with all of my projects. Bartending again? Hmm… That may be a little too close for comfort with the current WIP. =p

And constantly update all my websites. I got one of them done tonight! WOOT!

I almost forgot: sign up for this term’s classes. Oy vey. This degree is killing me.

I might implode soon.

There’s my list. Now it’s online so I can’t ignore it. =)

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