My Life in Hell: 3

Oops, I didn’t post this on Friday like I planned. I was out with friends and drinking too many White Russians, which made me forget to post, and thus, my waning memory is my life in hell. I actually had a really good thought on what my life in hell for last week would be, but it is now gone because I DIDN’T WRITE IT DOWN! Not even in my phone. The only recent note in there is a memo about The Swan Song. It’s a book I need to read, and will be added to the growing list.

So, what happened last week? Big Daddy’s last day was Tuesday. No, he did not quit, as they tried to force him to do. I had insomnia twice (maybe that was the topic). I missed my doctor’s appointment due to said insomnia and overslept when I didn’t have the insomnia. I’ve come to realize that Christmas is boring when there are no children around and I may stop celebrating the holiday. It just puts me in a crabby mood anyway. Bah humbug! By Friday (early morning; night of the White Russians), I reached 30,000 words after a week and a half of writing. Ridiculous, isn’t it? I’ve shocked myself. If this keeps up, I may have this thing done by early February. Now, I just need to throw in a few plot-twists. Oh, and a stronger plot… period. Even still, it’s readable, entertaining, and a very good idea. A nice little rough draft.

I found another classic Life in Hell strip:

Obviously by the date, one can see this was before the films Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later, where zombies can freakin’ run. Who’s idea was this anyway? ZOMBIES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO RUN! Okay, the latter film wasn’t really a zombie flick by definition of the term, but still, creepy as hell. Loved the second one, too, and waiting on the third.

With that, I’ll leave the zombies to bite at your flesh whilst I run, run away. AHAHAHAHAHA!

I know, I’m a dork. =p