My Life In Hell: 2

Okay, this is one of my favs from this comic strip. I hope Matt Groening doesn’t get pissed at me for this. Say the word, Matt, and I’ll take them down!

This one is fitting because of what Big Daddy does for a living, and what I used to do. Life skills. Some family values. Right.

My hellish life for this week is: BIG DADDY GOT FIRED! Well, technically they’re trying to force him to quit. I think his last day is Tuesday.

These are the same jerkwads who fired me while I was on sick leave and all drugged up.

Stated by owner: “We’re going to need a letter of resignation from you or we’ll have to let you go.” Really? REALLY?

Stated by other owner: “We’re NOT going to pay unemployment…” BUA HA HA HA!

Not only did they fire Big Daddy, but they also let a friend go who had already given notice. She and her hubby are moving to Califoria anyway on the 1st. The owners’ feeble minds believe there was some sort of conspiracy against them. Can you say paranoid? Now they’re down to four people with a growing client list. Idiots. And at least two or three (what goes around, comes around) of these four people will throw anybody under the bus to stay in the good graces of the owners. Fellas, people talk, they complain about their jobs or certain aspects of their jobs. It’s inherent in their nature. You can’t stop it. There was no intent of sabotage or the like. You’ve lost five good people because someone’s kissing your ass.

God, I hate stupid people.