And Finally… Last Sunday of the Multi-colored Shots

Yes, I said “multi-colored shots.” In other words, the colors of the rainbow! Sweet! =D

My friend, Miss D, aka the Dirty Deigo, was celebrating her birthday last Sunday, even though it’s not until the end of the month. LOL Her work friends could only get together this night, so off to the Library in downtown Tempe we went.

This is the Dirty Deigo:

Ain’t she cute? I didn’t even have to adjust the picture. We have silly nicknames because we share the same name. Actually, there are four of us who share the same name. I didn’t come up with Dirty Deigo (that would be the Dirty Russian’s idea), but I am a greasy Italian (ok, that just doesn’t sound good), too. I think I’ll stick with Jinx.

Shots the color of the rainbow: red-headed slut, lemon drop, not sure what the blue one was, and some purple concoction that I think may have been a Purple Hooter, but I could be wrong as it’s been like forever since I had one.

They ended the night with Jameson–blech! I had to drive home. This fun time spread over several hours, like 8 or 9. Wow! I didn’t realize that until just now. FUN!

Here’s another pic:

Dirty Deigo’s work buddy, Jimmy, Dirty Deigo, and the guy in the hat, Hayden, is a freakin’ riot! Both of these guys were very entertaining. Now, if only I had pictures of Hayden trying to fight Big Daddy the other night, his 5’8″ frame to Big Daddy’s 6’5″. Hee-lar-i-ous!

Disclaimer: If you choose to have your photo taken by me, you give me rights to post it where ever I please. =)

And now, back to my WIP.